10 Primavera P6 Sample Project Schedules (XER Programme)

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Large-scale project organization’s are increasingly using Primavera 6 (P6) as a project management tool. Some realize that it can provide new insights into whether projects are delivering on their objectives. Others are thinking of investing because their government clients would prefer that they do so. Regardless of which camp you fall into, it is important to understand that bringing in P6 is more than just buying a piece of IT.

The Primavera P6 Time Schedule or Project Programme is an important document since it includes the contractual dates (baseline), actual dates (history), and anticipated dates (future). Oracle Primavera is the most widely used software for creating time schedules.

Although this document is created in collaboration with all departments (Tender, Contract Administration, Technical, Construction, and Procurement Departments), some people find the time schedule difficult to read and understand when it is prepared in Primavera format.

Get professional Primavera P6 sample time schedule programmes including Activity Name, Activity ID, Original Duration, Cost Loading, Resources and proper sequence.

Primavera P6 Programme Samples  Consist of:

1- One High Rise Building (Towers) Project

2- Two High Rise Building Towers Project

3- Facade Works For High Rise Building Project

4- Residential villas project

5-  (+40) Villas project on leveled platforms with infrastructure (utilities) works

6- Single Villa Project

7- Hospital Project

8- Infrastructure (Utilities) Project

9- Lake Project

10- Elevators (Lift) for a high rise tower

Components of Each Time Schedule Programme

  1. Activity Name
  2. Duration for each activity
  3. Manpower Resources
  4. Quantities Resources
  5. Cost Loaded
  6. Proper sequencing of works

The Primavera P6 samples aim to disseminate practical application of Primavera P6 for aspiring project manager, planners, schedulers, project developers and owners. The simplified Primavera P6 Samples and methodology adopted by professional engineers, takes you on smooth, easy but completely packed  Primavera P6 Samples  and ensures that you have acquired a perfect Primavera P6 Samples as a reference.