Advanced Project Dashboard Excel Template

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Using our free project management dashboard template, you can keep track of project progress. Keep track of task status, budget, and project progress. A dashboard is an essential project management software tool that provides an overview of your project at a glance. Get your Excel project dashboard now!

Why You Need a Project Dashboard Template

The project management dashboard provides you with a view of how the project is going. It displays the project’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in a single glance. Consider it a progress report at the tip of your fingers.

The dashboard provides views of the project’s cost, budget, time, health, workload, progress, risk, issues, and changes, among other things. All of these areas are collected on one page, which is populated by graphs that visually record the data for a project manager to digest and receive a snapshot of where they are in the work’s lifecycle.

The project management dashboard can also be used to create specific requests. Focus on one of the project’s numerous areas and produce a graph from the dashboard for a visually appealing presentation. Hard numbers are excellent, but if you’re attempting to communicate, it’s important to have an interesting storey, and a presentation with visual aids like the graphs generated by your dashboard is more likely to get the idea through clearly and quickly.

Dashboard templates require a significant amount of input in order to produce the desired results. Without putting in the work, project management software allows you to get the high-level view you want quickly and easily.  You do not need to configure your dashboard; it automatically displays real-time progress when project tasks are changed. The simple charts can also be altered, filtered, and shared with stakeholders to keep them up to date. Get quick status updates whenever you want, so you can make the right decisions at the right time.

This project dashboard contains:

  • Projects status 
  • S-Curve Chart
  • Progress of works Table
  • Financial Status 
  • You can adjust this template easily to fit your project


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