Advanced Project Dashboard (Excel Template Executive Dashboard)

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This advanced Project Management Excel Dashboard Template can be used to manage multiple projects. We plan our resources and timelines based on the requirements, deliverables, and team and bandwidth accessibility. The Project Management Dashboard template allows you to keep track of all your projects and tasks, as well as the progress and status of each task and project.

You can add data to the Dashboard on a daily basis to keep it up to date. And share with your teams and customers/stakeholders in project meetings to keep everyone up to date on the project’s status and progress. This is an essential tool for any project manager.

A dashboard report is a powerful tool for meeting business objectives because it displays vital company data from a single page. Multiple spreadsheets are typically included in Excel dashboards. This dashboard, which is the front-facing page that graphically displays information via tables, charts, maps, and gauges (also referred to as speedometers).

Features in Project Management Dashboard

Following are the features of the Project Management Dashboard Excel Template.

  1. Dynamic Dashboard: You can populate the project  data in the Dashboard sheet
  2. Professional Format and it’s easy to change the colors
  3. Easy to customize the dashboard template using Excel Formulae
  4. Easy to add more fields in the dashboard
  5. Easy to Manage your project and create the best Project Management Dashboard

Content of the Dashboard:

  • Project Details
  • Project Status
  • S-Curve
  • Actual Payment
  • Area of Concerns

A project management dashboard enables managers to keep track of multiple aspects of a project and view them all at once. When data is compiled and displayed as a dashboard, tracking issues, activities, and progress becomes much easier. This not only simplifies project management, but it also makes it easier to provide up-to-date project status reports and share information with team members. Get NOW this professional dashboard!


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