Infrastructure Time Schedule In Primavera P6 “XER”

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Infrastructure is what keeps everything and everyone in the world moving and living, because without it, no one would be able to do anything. After all, it is this infrastructure that allows electricity and water to flow to homes and businesses, as well as routes for people to travel by car or other means.

Highways, roads, and streets

This is probably one of the most common infrastructure projects in the construction industry, because people would be unable to travel anywhere without them. The majority of the time, this infrastructure requires repairs, but resurfacing and reconstruction are also required over time. Expansion projects for this type of infrastructure are also common, particularly in areas that are becoming increasingly congested over time.

Water supply and resources

Water is a necessary component of life; without it, no one would be able to survive. As a result, this type of infrastructure is in high demand in the construction industry. The majority of these projects involve updating current water distribution services as well as identifying ways to improve drought resistance. It is critical that those who work on these types of infrastructure understand the significance of their work, especially when it comes to preventing leaks and finding effective and efficient ways to transport water.

Waste management

Another important infrastructure construction project is waste management, which protects everyone from having dangerous waste lying around. This includes managing water waste so that it does not pollute the clean water in rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans. Everyone who works on the facilities where all of this waste is transported must ensure that these areas are properly built and then properly maintained. Any waste area that does not adhere to these guidelines cannot guarantee that trash, recycling, or waste water is removed and stored in a manner that prevents the spread of diseases.

Infrastructure Time Schedule Programme

  • Infrastructure works for residential projects (180 Twin House).
  • Detailed infrastructure activities (Drainage, Fire Fighting, Domestic water supply, Natural Gas, and Telecommunication).
  • This Infrastructure schedule contains also Distributor and Transformer rooms works.
  • 1500 activities.
  • XER file format.



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