Primavera P6 Advanced Tips Guide

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Do you want to learn how to use Primavera P6 more efficiently? We have developed a list of some of our favorite time-saving tips and tricks that we believe will benefit all of Primavera P6 schedulers by improving efficiency and saving time.

If you want to improve your efficiency and assure successful project management, you should check into Oracle’s Primavera P6 advanced tips guide. Primavera is used by 90% of general contractors working on high-value projects with annual revenues ranging from $2 to $50 million. These Primavera P6 advanced tips are the must-know tips and tricks for increasing productivity and saving time.

Oracle Primavera P6 is designed to enhance your efficiency and ensure successful construction project management. However, Primavera P6 countless tools and wide-reaching abilities can make navigation and performing certain activities in the system difficult. To save time and improve your productivity in creating and updating Primavera P6 time schedules.

This eBook Primavera P6 Advanced Guide will cover:

  • Date & Time Format
  • Search for Activities
  • Link Activities (FS Relationship)
  • Copy Data Easily
  • Disable Auto Re-organization
  • Renumbering Activity ID
  • Import a Newer XER File into an Older Version of Primavera P6
  • Total Float vs. Longest Path
  • Import and Export Layouts
  • Export Filters
  • Open End Activities
  • Remove the gap between the Actual bar and the Remaining bar in the schedule update in Primavera P6
  • Filter open-end activities
  • Change of Budgeted Cost when exporting & importing XER files
  • Importing Problem (POBS)
  • Create Critical Activity Indicator

Primavera P6 advanced tips guide will save you a boat-load of time while building a time schedule if you know where to look! While there are also several Primavera P6 time-saving tricks for updating a schedule. Here, in this Primavera P6 advanced tips are the top favorite P6 tricks based on 15  years of experience using Primavera P6 software.