Review Checklist for Subcontractors Time Schedule

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Do you read a construction contract for a new project when you receive it? The truth is that most businesses most likely do not. The language can be intimidating, and with so much to read, who has time? In most cases, there is probably no harm in signing a contract that you haven’t read.

However, in order to protect yourself and your company from potential issues, it is best to read each contract before signing. If you’re unsure what to look for when reviewing a contract, we’ve created a construction contract review checklist that will show you exactly which clauses to look for, as well as ideas for changes that will benefit your company.

With our subcontractors checklist you can get and print to help you keep track of all the important things to look out for every time you review a contract.

Construction contract sections to review for accuracy

Scope of work:

The first section you should go over is the contract’s description of the scope of work. Check that it corresponds to the work that you have offered to do.

Contract amount:

Check that the contract amount corresponds to the amount of your proposal as well as any agreed-upon alternates or change orders. If the scope of work has changed, ensure that the changes are reflected in the scope description as well as the contract amount.

Project schedule

As part of the contract language, a construction schedule or dates for the project may be included. If a schedule is provided, carefully review the dates for your work. Before you begin work, ensure that you have been given enough time to obtain submittal approval, order materials or equipment, and have them delivered.

Subcontractors Review Checklist 

  • This excel checklist will help every planner to check any submitted time schedule.
  • This checklist contains 32 points to check in any submitted time schedule.
  • There’s a score for each point in this checklist to know the overall score for the schedule to determine if the submitted time schedule is approved or not.

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