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Project Management Dashboard Excel Template [XLS]

Dashboard XLS

Use this Simple Project Management Excel Dashboard template to handle various projects. Based on the demands, deliverables, and accessible team and bandwidth, we plan our resources and timelines.

The Dashboard template for project management enables you to monitor all activities, activities, and progress, and status for each job and project. To update the Dashboard, you can add the information every day. And share the project status and advancement in project conferences with your teams and customers/stakeholders. This is the instrument that every project manager must have.

Elements in Project Management Dashboard Excel Template

The various components and items used in this worksheet are presented here. To create this Dashboard template, we used tables, charts, forms, and items to form.

Gantt Chart: Helps comprehend each task’s status. Current plan vs. completion and work pending.

Pie charts: representing the project’s percent progress. This helps to know the project’s completion and status.

Tables or List Objects: To enter predefined format data. Tasks, for instance, in the datasheet.

Summary of Project Sheet: Enter your project list here. This sheet is given in the table’s Projects sector to enter the list of projects. All other areas will be calculated based on the corresponding project tasks (Tasks, Start and End Date, Duration Days, and Progress percentage).

Project Plan: This is the worksheet where you can select a project to view information and Gantt Chart from the drop-down. To use the sheet, we have given various controls. And other data will help you know the timetables and traction of the project

Overall Progress: This is the Overall Progress percentage of the Selected Project. You can quickly understand % tasks completed and remaining.

Milestones: Key project milestones and their start and end dates can be entered.

Resource: This helps you enter the labors assigned to this project and spend their roles and hours on this project.

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