8 Reasons To Consider a Corporate Travel Agency

8 Reasons Why To Consider a Corporate Travel Agency to Organize Business Trips

When you go on a trip, the only thing you want to do is to relax and not think about anything else. However, when you and your team are on a business trip, things change drastically, and the last thing you want is to have endless stress when on a trip. 

Moreover, one of the most common issues regarding business trips is the way you organize them. Especially after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s common for uncertainties to happen, and that isn’t something you want. In short, it’s best if you have someone do it for you. 

Well, let’s not wait any further because, in this article, we will give the x reasons on why you should consider using a corporate travel agency to help you better manage your business trips. 

8 reasons why you should use a corporate travel agency for organizing business trips 


An emergency can happen at any time when you are traveling. It isn’t something we like to happen, but the world is full of uncertainties. Uncertainties aren’t always associated with flight cancellations, a change in plan, but they could also be related to weather changes. 

For instance, your business trip might be going to Portugal, but while traveling there, you get an alert that there is a devastating earthquake! Only a corporate travel agency with 24/7 support can help your reschedule in this case. 

This case might occur before you hop on the flight or bus to your next destination. Unfortunately, natural disasters happen, and they can’t be avoided. However, good agencies monitor what their clients are going through and have a backup plan for it most of the time. 

An example of a corporate travel agency

Let’s take TravelPerk as an example; it is a corporate travel agency with one of the most largest databases in the online world. If you visit their site, you’ll see that you can book anything you wish through their interface without any directions, and thus, it can save up to 20% compared to booking on your own. 

Overall, TravelPerk is excellent in helping find top accommodations when on the road and the best prices with 24/7 support. Ongoing support is needed during a pandemic since you don’t know what might be waiting for you the next minute, hour, and day. 

In short, TravelPerk has lots of flexibility compared to its team, and the large database they have offers limitless options and is considered an excellent resource. Moreover, TravelPerk, itself recommends the appropriate corporate travel agencies to choose from. You can read TravelPerk’s guide to corporate travel agencies to find out more. 


Corporate travel agencies don’t only have a backup plan, but they have many partnerships with other companies. These partnerships are beneficial when it comes to discounts they can offer. Corporate travel agencies are there to serve, and they receive these types of deals because of the large volumes of bookings they make for their clients. So by using a corporate travel agency, it’s more likely you’ll get special offers than when you book on your own. 

Generally speaking, corporate travel agencies have many years of experience in their industry, and they are constantly booking flights, hotels, and more. The years of experience speak louder than words and even make you feel more comfortable working with them. 

3.Years of experience 

No one can be a master of traveling due to the uncertainties that arise from time to time. Especially because time is never stopping, you need to continuously stay updated with the trends in the travel industry. In general, we know that the best travel experts will most likely have recommendations for a cruise expert, honeymoon, and even a safari expert. And let’s be honest, there is nothing to fear when you’re with an expert. 

Even though you and your team might be on a business trip, traveling is a fun experience and something you should remember for a long time, and you can only do this when you are around an expert. Moreover, experts help you save money and guide you throughout the journey, allowing you not to get lost and giving you a valuable tour. 

4.It saves you money and time 

One considerable advantage regarding corporate travel agencies is the amount of time and money they save you. Considering the amount of experience they have, they quickly give you many deals that are your best bet and considering the fact that you don’t have to deal with any bookings, that saves you a significant amount of time as well. 

However, if you want to maximize your efficiency levels, consider working with corporate travel agencies that are part of your industry. The travel experts will better know how to optimize efficiency and save you more time. 


Corporate travel agencies have established partnerships with hotels, car rentals, and even airlines. Since they work together, this also means that you’ll get special offers and discounts. After all, corporate travel agencies continuously book, so it’s a win-win situation for the partners. No matter where you go or what you do, connections are what will help you most of the time. 

The travel advisors in the corporate travel agency will always give you access to the best places, people, and even experiences that you can never imagine. Moreover, a great travel advisor will invest time in helping you so that you and your team feel like VIP’S when on the road. After all, something that makes you comfortable is when you know that everything has already been planned before you start traveling. 

6.Travel policy compliance

Any business of any size that travels needs to be ready to comply with a corporate travel policy so that they and their staff comply with the basic rules of traveling. Some of these rules include: 

  • Hotel class rates
  • Flight class
  • Rental car star rating 

Moreover, a travel agent helps enforce this policy by guiding you and your employees to comply with the rules. In short, you and your team won’t need to make any extra effort doing everything yourself.

7.Excellent travel booking systems

Corporate travel agencies have access to one of the most excellent online travel booking systems. In the digital age, booking online is necessary and helps you eliminate the need to book flights, rooms, and more individually. 

Moreover, corporate travel agencies of the highest quality will provide you with the necessary tools and even a mobile app you can use to set up and submit your travel plans or even request any changes within day or night time. If you think about it, having to do all of this work on your own won’t only take up a lot of your time, but considering that you may not be an expert in this industry, it’ll also cost you more money. However, using a mobile travel app will make things easier for you, and a travel agent can approve any requests within a few minutes.

8.Increase in resources

Corporate travel agencies provide you with more than enough resources you need on your business trip. Travel agents can determine all factors that you will need when traveling. Additionally, they can print your bus or flight tickets, find out about delays, ensure someone picks you up at the airport and many other factors that’ll relate to your trip. 

Since the corporate travel agencies have access to many online tools, they’ll inform you before anyone else about anything that changes in your scheduled trip. Then, if something happens, they can book an alternative flight for you. This solves many issues for you and keeps your state of mind at peace.

Wrapping it up 

Well, that’s about it for this article. These were our top reasons for considering using a corporate travel agency. Hence, many business travelers out there don’t even know about the benefits associated with a corporate travel agency. While you have many things to worry about, it isn’t worth your time to worry about delays, bookings, and much more. 

Every business has some pressure on its shoulders, and when you have to deal with stress from business trips, it can affect your productivity and state of mind. However, corporate travel agencies seek to solve that and save you your hard money and time. 

As we mentioned earlier, your contacts will be a tremendous help for you whenever you need them most, and in this case, travel agents will get you to know more about their partners. In short, you are always the winner!