Reinforced Concrete Retaining Wall Design “XLS”

Reinforced Concrete Retaining Wall Design “XLS”


This excel sheet template is useful for designing the reinforced concrete retaining wall.

Types of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be grouped into three distinct categories by considering the way in which they resist the lateral pressure exerted by the soil &  any surcharge.

1-Gravity retaining walls: These walls use their own weight and any captured soil/fill weight to resist the lateral soil pressure.
2-Piled retaining walls: These walls use the embedded depth of vertical posts & the strength of the posts to resist lateral soil forces.
3-Cantilever retaining walls: These walls cantilever vertically from the concrete footing and typically resist overturning by the mass of
the material/soil on the heel of the footing

Within these three categories, a number of different &  innovative concrete retaining wall types are available. Some manufacturers offer technical support, in the form of brochures showing engineer-designed details, for their particular wall type.

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