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Retained Logic, Progress Override & Actual Dates In Primavera P6

Retained logic and Progress Override are important when it comes to discussing how to update the time schedule, all driven by one issue, performance out-of-sequence work. This article reviews the  P6 schedule calculation options ‘Actual Dates’, ‘Retained Logic’ and ‘Progress Override’ and their effect on the earned value calculations.

Retained Logic, Actual Dates, And Progress Override

When activities are in progress, P6 provides calculation methods when performing the schedule update process,

These choices are:

1. Actual Dates Forward and Backward passes are scheduled using the actual dates. Uses the network sequence logic and same rules as retained logic.

2. Retained Logic Uses the network sequence logic for the activity and it won’t schedule the activity until all the predecessor(s) are completed.

3. Progress Override Network sequence logic ignored allowing the activity to progress without delay.

Schedule Options In P6 (Retained Logic and Progress Override)

When scheduling progressed activities are:

1-Retained Logic

2-Progress Override

3-Actual Dates

Here, you will know the difference between retained logic and progress override.

P6 Retained Logic vs Progress Override vs Actual Dates

1-Retained Logic Meaning

When an activity starts out of sequence cannot finish until its predecessor has finished. The remaining duration of the out of sequence activity will be scheduled to begin after the predecessor is finished. Retained Logic respect the network logic.

2-Progress Override

Primavera P6 ignores the relationship between the activities & schedules any remaining duration of the “out of sequence” activity from the DD “data date”.

When you use Progress Override, Primavera P6 won’t respect the network logic, it will use remaining duration in the calculation for of the activities out-of-sequence. This means that activity will start before their predecessor has finished in a finish-to-start (FS) relationship, which will be out-of-sequence.

3-Actual Dates

When you schedule using Actual Date, you’re manually entering the actual dates of the activities. This is time-consuming & can lead to human errors due to an increase in manual input. Also, it means that you aren’t using Primavera P6 to its maximum capacity, which is to calculate & manage your project for you.

Watch Retained Logic VS Progress Override

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