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Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary [PDF]

Robert Kiyosaki creates Rich Dad Poor Dad for a series of instructional books and private finance matches. The trademark is owned by Cashflow Technologies, a company founded in 1997 to market these books and games by Robert and Kim Kiyosaki. It’s about what the wealthy teach their children about money-not the poor or the middle class.

Summary of Rich Dad Poor Dad Book

There is a Need:

Is college preparing kids for the actual globe? “Study hard and get excellent grades and you’ll find a high-paid job with excellent advantages,” my parents said. Their life objective was to provide my older sister and me with a college education that we would have the biggest opportunity of life achievement. When I graduated with honors in 1976, and near the top of my class, my parents had realized their goal in Florida State University accounting. It was their life’s crowning accomplishment. I was hired by a “Big 8” accounting firm according to the “Master Plan,” and I looked forward to a long career and early retirement.

A similar path followed by my husband, Michael. We both came from hardworking families with modest means but powerful job ethics. Michael also graduated with honors, but he did it twice: first as an engineer, then as a law school student. He was quickly hired by a prestigious Washington, D.C., a patent law firm, and his future seemed bright, well-defined career path and guaranteed early retirement. Although in our careers we have had great success, they have not turned out quite as we anticipated. For all the correct reasons, we have altered positions several times, but there are no pension plans in our name. Our pension funds only grew through our individual contributions..

Why Rich Dad Poor Dad Is Very Important

  • It provides you a clear picture of how you can succeed
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad give you the keys to become successful
  • If you want to become wealthy, you have to follow Rich Dad Poor Dad

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