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Top 15 Small Business Ideas for Kids

Small Business Ideas for Kids

Did you know that your kids can start making money despite being young? Well, that’s how you mend them to become successful entrepreneurs in the future. However, since kids lack adequate expertise, you can’t let them operate a multimillion business. Instead, you should go for small business ideas for kids because they are cheap and easy to start and operate.

So, as a parent, you need to think beyond small business ideas for women and business ideas for men. The case is so because you can also turn your kid into a productive individual. Imagine your kid raising their own money to pay some bills. Isn’t that great?

Learning to make money at young ages opens up your kid to a brighter future because your kids will:

  • Earn good money
  • Understand work ethics
  • Learn responsibility
  • Master the art of selling, buying and prioritizing as early as possible.

Having that in mind, let’s jump into some good business ideas for kids, shall we?

Small Business Ideas for Kids

1.Lemonade stand seller

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one of the most tried small business ideas for kids, selling lemonade, would it? With the warm weather during the summer, selling lemonade is one of the best summer business ideas for kids that can earn them some bucks. The only thing you need to do is research lemonade products, pricing, and promotion before starting the business for your kid to run.

Can selling lemonade be a hit business?

Well, some kids, with the help of their parents, succeeded in establishing themselves as among the most successful lemonade stand sellers of all time. Let’s hear one of the success stories, shall we?

Jack Bonneau (8 years old) launched a lemonade business. His father helped him peddle lemonade cups to the local market. Jack Bonneau made about $2,000 in sales, translating to a $900 in profit. He didn’t stop there. Instead, he expanded his business, created a business website and widened his market reach.

As Jack Bonneau grows up, his entrepreneurship skills will keep expanding. And who knows, he might be the next billionaire by the time he turns 30 years old.


Acting is a God-given talent and if your kid loves acting, nurture that talent. The case is so because they can be the next movie superstar and make you proud worldwide. The market demand for kid actors is high. Skeptical?

Well, Disney Channel employs more than 1,200 actors annually. Some of these actors don’t even have previous professional acting experience. So, you kid may land a deal with this giant company and start their dream career.

Are you wondering where your kid can start showing their acting skills? Well, here is a bullet list of some areas they can begin acting:

  • On stage
  • In commercials
  • In class
  • In short videos and. You don’t expect your kid to start acting on a whole movie, do you?
  • In online videos

Starting can be difficult, but once they establish a name for themselves, they can make good earnings. So, let them try now.

3.Academic tutoring

Is your kid exceptional in specific subjects? Well, they can use their skills and knowledge as academic tutors to help other students learn. Children who find it difficult to understand specific subjects often seek tutoring to help improve their grades. So, why don’t you let your ‘sharp’ kid make money from their skills?

Academic tutoring doesn’t have to be physical. Instead, your kid can do it online and in their free time, not during schooling hours. Online academic tutoring is one of the best online business ideas for kids, thanks to the advanced social media platforms with improved capability to reach more audiences. For instance, you can create a YouTube channel for your kid and let them make money as they get more subscribers and content viewers.


Does your kid love art? If yes, then you can turn their artistic ability into a business. They can create various art pieces, especially drawings and paintings and eventually sell them to interested buyers, including you. Always be the first to support your kiddo’s work. After all, they often look up to you. And if you don’t support them, then who would?

The following are some brilliant art small business ideas for kids:

  • Fun painting
  • Kids art and craft
  • Creative drawing

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5.Balloon artist

Kids love fun, don’t they? They can get creative with whatever things they get their hands onto, and balloons are not an exception. Dull balloon designs are so traditional. Currently, during events, kids can twist and transform typical balloons into colorful creations. They can range from a sword, flower, or even a dog, among others.

If your kid is interested in balloon modification, perhaps this is one of the best business ideas for kids to make money. You can as well help them hone their skills and exploit this lucrative and fun business idea.

The following is a list of places that your kid can start offering services as a balloon artist:

  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Restaurants
  • Kid festivals
  • Museums
  • Shopping malls


Did you know that your kid can start expanding their writing skills while still young? Well, blogging is one of the most profitable small business ideas for kids capable of writing eye-catching and engaging online content.

To get the best content, kids will need to work specifically on their areas of interest. For instance, they can pick self-confidence, gardening, technology, or any other niche they feel comfortable working on.

After choosing their preferred niche, they’ll need:

  • Web hosting, such as Namecheap, godaddy, or any other hosting provider.
  • Domain name
  • Content management system – here is where they’ll write the content.

After creating the blogs, they can monetize the blog and start making money.

7.Bicycle advertiser

Does your kid have a bike? Did you know that you can turn their riding experience into adverts? Bike companies often use kids to advertise their bikes and reach their target audience. So, your kid can offer advertising services and get money. Clever, isn’t it?

This is one of the best easy business ideas for kids. All you need to do is to buy a bike. Once a bicycle brand hires your child as their advertising partner, they’ll probably give one for free.

8.Writing Amazon toy reviews

Is your child passionate and opinionated about writing and toys? If yes, it’s time to turn their passion into money. Amazon will eventually pay the kid to write reviews and probably offer him some free gifts, including toys. This one is from the top small business ideas for kids.


Bookselling is among the best small business ideas for kids. The child can sell second-hand books, especially if you have a huge collection or have a mechanism to get them. Since technologies such as digital business solutions are growing faster, you can use them to your kid’s advantage. Take things online!

Alternative, your child can sell the books through online marketplaces like:

  • Powells books
  • Amazon, and
  • Bookscouter

10.Website building

Did you know that as of 2018, there were about 1.94 billion live websites globally? Well, if your kid is equipped with web development skills, they can help local businesses go online and make money in return. It is one of the best online business ideas for kids because they only need extensive coding skills and an internet connection to accomplish their web development goals.

11.Candy making

Candies continue to be favorite refreshments for people, regardless of their age. So, why don’t you let your kid take this advantage and make money out of it? You can support and help her make candies and sell them either locally or digitally, depending on the established business plan.

Candy making is one of the best business ideas for kids to make money without significant investment. The case is so because the required ingredients are cheap to acquire.

12.Coloring book designer

Is your child talented in drawing and designing? Well, if yes, then they can start designing coloring books and selling them to interested customers. They can follow the following steps to get started:

  • Ideation: select a theme, find your audience and check its demand
  • Plan: select book title, set page limits and explore various binding methods.
  • Create: hand draw or use tablet to create digitally colored pages and design the cover
  • Printing: get quality business printing solutions to print your kid’s book.

13.Clothing designer

You don’t have to be 18 years plus to be a cloth designer. If your kid shows undying passion for fashion design, let them exploit their potential at that early age. As she grows, she’ll become an expert in the industry. Your child should select the preferred area of specialization and proceed then follow these steps:

  • Examine fashion trends
  • Draft the fashion designs
  • Choose the appropriate material, and
  • Produce or supervise the production of the design.

Upon completion, you can help the kid sell the designs online or locally.


Did you know that older children can provide babysitting services? Well, yes, your kid can babysit other parents’ younger kids while they’re gone. In return, they pay for the services offered. So, if your kid loves babysitting, they can start doing it as a business. Since there is no significant investment required, babysitting is one of the cheapest and easy business ideas for kids.

15.Pet/dog walking

Many pet owners often need help when it comes to pet walking because they lack time to go around with their dogs. If your child is a big fan of pet walking or sitting, then why not let him earn money from that? If the pets get along, your kid can take multiple of them for a walk. That’ why this one is from the top small business ideas for kids that will let you make more money.

Final thought

Don’t let your kid stay idle when there are many small business ideas for kids that they can exploit to make money. As a parent, always be your kid’s biggest supporter. After all, they need you more to help them make profitable and effective business decisions. So, don’t let them down.

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