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Top 15 Small Business Ideas for Men

Small Business Ideas for Men

Finding noncompetitive small business ideas for men is like looking for a diamond. However, gone are the days when men primarily relied on their salaries to pay their bills. With the economy facing crisis and issues such as pandemics and inflation hitting hard, as a man, you need to find an alternative income source to supplement your salary.

Some small business ideas for men are highly profitable such that you can potentially make more than your monthly salary. According to one of the world’s richest men, Warren Buffet, “if you can’t find a way to make money while asleep, you’ll until you die.” Probably no one wants to work till their last breath, isn’t it?

Well, exploiting various small business ideas for men can be a good start in the journey towards achieving financial freedom. Here are some top business ideas that men should consider:

Small Business Ideas for Men


Did you know that you can earn from writing blogs about what you love or your expertise? Well, YES! Blogging is among the most ideal side small business ideas for men because you don’t have to work within a pre-established schedule. I mean, you manage your own schedule.

Whether you’re bored after work or you just love spending time telling people about what you love and other niches, blogging can be one of the best small business ideas for men. It’s a low-investment business idea that lets you share your knowledge regarding a specific topic. All you need is a PC or laptop and an internet connection to get started.

Are you afraid because you don’t have a website? Well, you don’t have a reason to worry because you can do guest posting on other people’s websites and still earn. According to ZipRecruiter, bloggers make about $38,440 in earnings per year.

2.Start a dropshipping business

This type of business involves selling products online but letting your supplier handle everything, including shipment to your customers. Therefore, stock inventory isn’t necessary in this case. Dropshipping is one of the most profitable home small business ideas for men because you don’t need to have a warehouse or have owned product.

All you need is basic marketing and computer skills, and a connection with a renowned supplier. Finding a reputable supplier isn’t a daunting task because you can do online research to find out more about a brand. Amazon is one of the reputable brands you should consider.

How much do you make as a drop shipper? Well, according to Shopify, you can make between $1,000 and $2,000 per month within one year of launching your business. This amount can at least cater for some of your bills, right?

3.Data entry

Are you a fast typist? Is your wife a fast typist than you? Well, you don’t have to be the quickest typist globally. You can make your typing speed a source of income. Companies pay a substantive amount to get their data into various platforms like excel for several applications and reasons.  

If you succeed in sealing data entry deals with multiple companies, your workload will eventually increase. Therefore, you can consider recruiting your housewife or your kids into this money-making industry. Actually, it requires minimal expertise, making it one of the most suitable small business ideas for kids.

You can also consider it an opportunity for housewives to make extra bucks because they can make money as they sit on the couch. Do you have bigger dreams? If yes, you can recruit a remote team to help you handle more workload and probably make more money!

4.Business Consultancy

Do you have many years of experience in a specific industry and are tired of being employed? Well, you can start your own consultancy business where companies will seek consultation on various ways to improve their business.

It is one of the best small business ideas for men with vast experience in specific industries. The case is so because you help companies streamline their day-to-day activities and business processes. A company can pay more than a thousand dollars for industry-specific advice. Imagine that’s only one client.

You might struggle at first, especially finding clients who can trust your consultancy services. However, as you establish your brand portfolio, it will be easier to find customers because you would have established yourself as one of the top business consultants in the market. This way, you will land high-profile clients, allowing you to charge more.

On average, business consultants can make about $74,456 annually.

5.Freelance Copywriting

Are you a wordsmith? If yes, did you know that you can turn your mastery in writing into a possibly lucrative business? Well, freelance copywriting is one of the best online small business ideas for men, regardless of their age.

As a freelance copywriter, you must be creative, punctual and expert in composing eye-catching pieces of content. You can make more money online doing freelance copywriting if you have immense knowledge in multiple facets. The case is so because different companies and individuals require content for different niches.

Therefore, you must be prepared to learn and accept constructive feedback to become an expert in the industry. What’s best about freelance copywriting is that unlike many small business ideas for men, you manage your schedule. It’s not a 9 am to 5 pm thing!

In the United States, freelance copywriters make approximately $55,743 annually, making it one of the most profitable ideas.

6.Interior designing

Are you a man who loves home decoration, design and art? If yes, interior designing is one of the most paying small business ideas for men. As an interior designer, you’ll be responsible for creating home decorations and arts that make your client’s homes unique and beautiful.

Regardless of your age, you can still consider starting your interior design career. If you already have an interior design degree, it’s a plus because you’ll have a clear understanding of what your clients need. Also, it’s worth noting that some states require you to obtain certification from relevant agencies. 

7.Forex business

Do you have vast experience in forex trading and analyzing markets? If yes, forex business is one of the most profitable online business ideas for men. It involves buying specific currency for less and selling it when its price goes up. Forex business allows you to work from home. So, you don’t have to search for office space or even buy expensive equipment.

All you need is a strong internet connection and a smartphone or computer. However, it’s worth noting that this is a risky business idea. Therefore, you shouldn’t invest every single coin you have because you can lose it all. Always trade responsibly.

8.Cleaning services

The ongoing pandemic has reminded us of how essential cleanliness is. However, not many of you love cleaning clothes, right? Others don’t even have that time to mop, sweep and scrub. This small business idea is an excellent choice for men who love cleaning.

Cleaning services is one of the most in-demand business ideas in 2021. With more people working from home, more things are likely to get dirty. Residential and commercial clients are willing to pay a significant amount of money to get their closets, mats, and homes clean.

Once you do an excellent job, they will eventually schedule cleaning days. And that’s how your business will grow because you’ll have a set of loyal customers. On average, cleaning service business owners make about $55,949 annually.

9.Crafts making

Are you a talented craftsman? Well, if yes, crafts making is one of the best small business ideas for men. This case is because your crafts are unique and tailored to your customer’s preferences. Crafts is related to terms that suggest quality, handmade, and authenticity.

Therefore, you can use your talent to make some extra money at home. As your brand’s name grows, more customers will request your service. This means you’ll land high-profile customers and charge more. So, don’t relax and watch your crafts talent fade away. Start exploiting it today!

10.Toy store

Kids love toys, and their demand is less likely to go down any time soon. It is one of the most profitable small business ideas for men because you can utilize the internet and social media marketing strategy to expand your reach.  Launching this business as your side hustle can supplement your salary, and its income can potentially grow enough to even outweigh your monthly salary earnings.

Integrating your toy store with modern digital business solutions can streamline multiple business processes, enabling you to exploit various opportunities and enhance efficiency. Don’t be afraid to start with small stock because your customer base will grow with time.


Are you a good barber capable of shaving different hairstyles? If yes, a barbershop is one of the best small business ideas for men that you should consider. You can start as a mobile barbershop (where you give a haircut to customers at their homes). This will help you save on costs because you don’t have to own premises.

As your customer base grows, you can rent or buy your own barbershop to serve your customers better.

12.Computer maintenance business

Are you a computer guru? if yes, you can leverage your skills to help locals with their computer issues. Similar to a barbershop, you can start offering door-to-door computer repair services and eventually own your shop.

With the rate of computer use increasing over time, you’re guaranteed of having frequent customers. You can also use various digital marketing platforms to market your shop.

13.Coffee shop

Many people love coffee. Probably, you love it too. Why don’t you quench the thirst for coffee in your locality by starting a coffee shop? You can also include various go-to products such as muffins and cookies in the shop to cater for your customers’ diverse coffee-related needs.

Remember to obtain the necessary licensing before launching your business. Failure to do so can land you in trouble. Besides, you can integrate various modern business solutions to expand your market reach and enhance business efficiency.

14.Video editing

Are you a man with advanced video editing skills? Video editing is one of the best online business ideas for men that can help you make a significant amount of money. Ranging from photoshop to creating ads, companies need these video editing services more and are willing to pay a lot to market their products using videos.

After all, 70% of digital marketers agree that video content has more conversion power than any other type of content. So, you can use your video editing skills to earn money by creating video adverts.

15. Nutritionist

Do you have advanced knowledge in nutrition? Well, this small business idea is the best for you. As a nutritionist, you’ll give nutritional advice to people based on their physic. With diet-related conditions becoming a global issue, you can help people address and avoid these conditions. So, why not give it a try?

However, you need to be certified by your state to operate as a nutritionist.

Closing thought

As a man, you shouldn’t rely primarily on your monthly salary because you’ll work your entire life. What if one day you report to work and find an employee dismissal note on your desk? Exploit various small business ideas for men and select one that fits your individual abilities. That way, you will no longer worry about losing your job because you will have multiple income sources.

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