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Small Business Ideas For Students

Small Business Ideas For Students

The summer solstice is approaching, Stargazers, and with it long, hot days. Summer is a time to relax and enjoy the sunshine for those of us who work full-time and have a few vacation days saved. However, if you’re a college student, summer may appear to be an opportunity—an opportunity to reduce tuition debt, gain real-world experience, and set yourself up with a flexible side gig once classes resume. Some of them are always looking for small business ideas for students to get extra cash.

Those who seize the future will have a bright future. Even better news: you can plan your summer around something you enjoy, work your hours, and make money. There are numerous clever small business ideas for students. But which is best for you? That depends on your entrepreneur personality type.

In short, your summer startup should reflect your interests and leverage your strengths. Join us as we look at ways to make the most of your summer vacation and answer questions like:

  • What is the best business for college students like me?
  • What is the best business for beginners?
  • Which small businesses are the most successful?
  • How do I get started?
  • What are the advantages of starting a business as a college student?

Benefits of starting a business as a college student

If I could go back in time and do it all over again, I would have dabbled in entrepreneurship much sooner. The lessons I learned from side jobs have aided my personal and professional development. There are several advantages to pursuing small business ideas for students in college, and it’s not too late to capitalize on them:

1.Gain business experience in the real world

Sure, business school can teach you theory and formulas, but nothing beats doing business to learn the ins and outs.

2.Learn skills that are not necessarily taught in the classroom

Improve your empathy, delegation, stress management, customer service, and other skills. When it comes to the job market, student entrepreneurs have an advantage over their peers. Outside-of-classroom skills become just as valuable as those learned in a lecture.

3.Build your professional network

By the time you graduate, you will have a long list of people to contact for references, mentorships, and even jobs.

4.Try out an industry before you graduate

Are you interested in fashion management? To get a feel for the industry, start your own online clothing business.

5.Flesh out your resume

As a recent graduate, your CV may be lacking. However, if you run your own business in college, you can add “CEO” to your resume.

6.Earn extra cash

Saving to cover expenses and reduce debt is a good idea if you want to be less burdened after you graduate.

7.Take advantage of a source of income that works around your studies

You set your hours as your boss. The common struggle of balancing a part-time job with studying and classes can be stressful. Work on your own business on a flexible schedule before going all-in during your summer vacation.

Top Small Business Ideas for Students

1.Personal Training

If you enjoy health and fitness, you should think about starting a personal training business on your college campus. Believe me when I say that many students will be interested in your service, and they will bring in a lot of business through referrals. Begin by offering early morning yoga classes or evening fitness camps for students and professionals.

This business doesn’t require a large investment because many trainers work from their clients’ homes and do not require office space. When you have a large enough clientele, you may want to consider partnering with a local gym rather than starting your own.

2.Writing Editing and Proofreading

Offering writing, editing, and proofreading services is another simple business to start; however, it is only feasible if you have strong writing skills. The best thing about the writing and editing business is that you can get started with almost no money, making it one of the best work-from-home options. All you need to do is invest in your spare time.

To find writing projects, start by looking for opportunities as an essay writer on Fiverr,, and DigitalPoint Forums. Once you have a few satisfied customers, your business will grow on its own. You can give existing clients referral discounts, and they will undoubtedly help you get more clients. You can also look into other business forums and freelancing platforms to find new clients.

3.Become a Social Media Influencer

If you enjoy spending time on social media, this is probably the best way to channel your enthusiasm into a positive activity. You may be having the same fun, but this fun should compensate you for your time.

Almost anyone can make amateur videos, and as a college student, you can set up your own Facebook/Instagram page and make and share funny/interesting/valuable/unique videos. Create a strong following/fanbase and approach businesses to advertise their brand to your audience.

4.Web Design & Development

If you are a design or computer science student, this could be an excellent way to gain hands-on industry experience while still in school. You can begin with simple projects such as logo design or a simple HTML website, and as your skills improve, you can offer complete website revamps and mobile apps.

There are numerous opportunities for web design and development professionals; however, you must work equally on marketing your business and developing professional skills. This is one of the best college small business ideas for students because it prepares you for the commercial world.

5.Get paid to queue

It’s often said that we Brits enjoy queueing, but in reality, everyone despises it – we follow the rules and accept that it’s the most equitable way to do things.

So, now that we’ve established that no one enjoys queuing, it’s time to propose a solution. Whether it’s queuing outside a venue for tickets or waiting on the phone to reach a member of staff finally, you can profit from enduring the agony on someone else’s behalf.

6.Organize student trips

Look for popular festivals or cities (in the UK or Europe) and plan a trip for yourself and a few dozen other students.

Booking in bulk is more likely to result in a discount (on top of our tips for saving money at festivals), so it’s only fair that you charge your friends a small commission for organizing everything!

7.Social Media Manager

You can make money from your social media page. However, with this startup idea, you don’t need to create your account and build an audience; instead, you manage the social media handles of other businesses. That means you interact with their audience across multiple platforms. This allows brands to focus on their core business while engaging their followers, responding to their questions, running promotions, and more.


Instead of hiring a permanent resource or creating a budget, small businesses prefer to outsource their bookkeeping and accounting tasks. If you’re good at bookkeeping and finance, you can work as a freelancer or partner with a small accounting firm.

9.Offer Language Course

You can begin teaching a language using Skype, Zoom, or other teleconference platforms. That means you can create a language course in a language like French, Chinese, or Spanish and teach people from all over the world. You can still do that at the university when you have international students.

10.Offer Writing Services

These include services such as essay writing, sales, and marketing copywriting, and proofreading. You can research what professional essay writers do online and then base your business on that knowledge.

11.Fill Out Surveys

Companies conduct market research to understand better the demographics, preferences, and other characteristics of their target customers. You can get paid surveys online that you can complete while sitting on a bus, watching TV, or doing other things. These businesses may compensate you in cash, gift cards, or vouchers. Filling out surveys is one of the top small business ideas for students.

12.Create Your YouTube Channel

Hello! Hello and welcome to my channel. Can you say these words enthusiastically and with a smile? Then you’re all set. The popularity of live streaming is growing, and YouTube has evolved into a content-on-demand powerhouse. So, find your niche and make videos that are both unique and engaging. You could, for example, teach a language, how to bake, crotchet, or something else that interests you. So, buy a good camera and microphone and start monetizing your content. Creating YouTube channel is one of the top small business ideas for students.

13.Resell Used Books

You can offer to buy your classmates’ secondhand textbooks at the end of the semester at a fairly low price and sell them either online or to the next batch of students taking the same module. That means you will buy them at a fairly low price and then sell them at a reasonably higher price than you got them but less than the actual cost of a new copy. Resell used books is one of the top small business ideas for students.

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Bottom Line

With rising tuition costs, an uncertain job market, and rising living expenses, many students struggle to make ends meet while pursuing their degrees. Starting your own business instead of taking out thousands of dollars in student loans will help you not only support yourself during college but also afterward. You will graduate with less debt and more money, and you can also add this experience to your resume if you need a job later.

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