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The Sources of Premature Aging and How to Handle Them

Premature aging can happen to anyone. If you’re starting to notice the signs that it’s happening to you, such as the sudden appearance of more fine lines and wrinkles, feeling like your skin is getting dryer or thinner, or that you’re losing your hair or going grey rapidly, it might not just be the natural changes that come with time, there could be a cause that’s speeding things up. If you’re looking to enjoy your youthful looks a little longer, then you need to think about where the signs of aging can come from, and what you can do to hold them off.

Sun exposure

One of the most common causes of premature changes to your skin comes from exposure to sunlight. In particular, when UV hits your skin, a process called photoaging can happen, and it can result in your skin not only aging quicker but drying out, which can make it more prone to all manner of problems. Care has to be taken to protect your skin from the sun, and not just during the summer. If you’re going out and the sun is out, you should offer your skin some care so that you’re not only protecting it from the signs of aging but the very real risk of skin cancer, too.

Genetics and skin type

Unfortunately, there are some elements of premature aging that aren’t as easy to block out as exposure to the sun. Some people have genetics that will simply see their skin age quicker, and some people have certain types of skin which are prone to showing the signs of aging earlier, like dry skin. Keeping up with anti-aging news is a good idea, in that case, looking for products that are designed to help you address the needs of your skin that aren’t going to be met naturally. There are constant revolutions in modern skincare that really can do a lot of good.


Bad habits can do a lot to age our skin prematurely, and few habits are quite as bad as smoking. Smoking deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients, and it doesn’t take a long time to start doing that. As such, not only can your skin become dry and more prone to deep lines, but it can also start to appear pale or develop odd and uneven coloring. As such, you should make efforts to quit smoking if it’s a habit that you’re currently living with.


The double-whammy, alongside smoking, when it comes to causing or exacerbating all manner of health changes in an individual’s body. Alcohol can interrupt the body’s natural regeneration process, and can also impact blood flow, making it so that parts of your body don’t get the nutrients that they’re supposed to. Alcohol is also responsible for making your skin more dehydrated, and can also interrupt the skin’s natural production of the oils that are supposed to protect it, both of which can lead to dry and unhealthy skin that’s likely to age quicker.

What you eat

If you’re looking to prevent premature signs of aging, then you should definitely look at your diet. Aside from causing weight gain that can be harder to get off in later years, fast food, sugary foods, and sugary drinks can also result in more inflammation in the body. It can also increase the rate of oxidative stress, which means that the cells in the body aren’t able to regenerate as effectively when they build down. Refined carbohydrates, saturated fats, and greasy foods should also be avoided, while you try to get more vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins.


Not all of the aspects of your life that can affect your aging process come from external sources. Some of them can come from within, like the effects of stress. Stress can make you feel and look older in a range of ways, whether it’s due to the fact that it interrupts telomerase production, which is a substance in the body that’s released to help with cell division and regeneration, which can cause the signs of aging to appear faster. Stress can increase the pressure on joints and your back as well, which can bring out those aches that tend to be associated with age a little earlier.

Of course, the aging process happens to all of us. There’s no holding it back forever. However, with the tips above, you can make sure that you’re not feeling their effects earlier than you should. With a little work, you can keep your body and skin younger for longer.