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Top Countries With The Highest Salaries For Doctors

Top countries with the highest salaries for doctors

Doors in some countries of the world are widely open to doctors as much as possible, especially if they complete specialization and if the profession is in short supply. Sometimes, to work abroad, doctors do not take into account only the salary, but also some other qualities: exchange of experience with other colleagues, international seminars, work in better-equipped hospitals.

Although doctors do not choose their profession for financial reasons, they are undoubtedly flattered when they know that the profession they practice is well paid. The 10 countries we are about to present offer excellent conditions for both general practitioners and specialists. In this article, you will read about top 10 countries with the highest salaries for doctors.

Top 10 Countries With The Highest Salaries For Doctors


Although one of the smallest countries in the world, Luxembourg is the country with the highest average salaries of medical staff. A nurse in Luxembourg earns an average yearly of €55.000, with the highest-paid doctors reaching over €200.000. Foreign nationals can practice medicine, but the problem is the size of the population of this small nation. Therefore, the smaller number of people employed in the public health system. Due to the above, it is extremely difficult to get such a job in Luxembourg as a foreigner.


Norway is one of the few countries with the highest standard and quality of living, which is reflected in the salaries of doctors in this country. The average yearly salary of nurses and technicians in Norway is around NOK 550.000, which is over €50.000. Also, a doctor can earn more than 1.900.000 NOK. In addition to high salaries, medical staff in Norway can often be rewarded with additional benefits. There is a compensation for working in extreme conditions (extremely low temperatures) or working in healthcare systems in dislocated parts of the country – the border and northern parts of Norway.

3.United States

The primary care family physicians earn around $237,000, while specialists make up to $341.000. The salaries of nurses and technicians in the USA go around $65.000 and are above the average yearly salary in this country. However, the pay gap is significant, so beginners earn less than $45.000 a year, while registered certified nurses in California earn close to $100.000 a year.

To perform the job of a general practitioner in America, it is necessary to get certificates. Moreover, in addition to the appropriate education, you also pass state tests for working abroad. For a foreigner who wants to educate further, the right question would be how hard to get into medical school, but many doctors from other countries managed to achieve this goal.


Canada has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and the staff is paid accordingly. Depending on previous experience and the specific institution in which they perform, nurses in Canada can earn over CAD 70.000 on average yearly, which is close to €50.000. Paychecks can fluctuate significantly, so beginners in this business receive up to 30% lower than the average. Also, doctors with decades of experience have up to 35% higher salary than the average yearly intake of less experienced. Thus, they earn about CAD 481.000.


Australia has an advanced healthcare system. Doctors get $170.000, while nurses earn over $60.000 a year, which is over 80.000 Australian dollars a year. The salaries of specialists in Australia are significantly higher in private hospitals. This is one of the countries where the payrolls vary significantly depending on the rating of the institution.

If considering Australia, it’s good to know that the profession of technicians is specially regulated by law. Therefore, in addition to school education, it is necessary to take a course and pass tests to obtain the appropriate certificates.


If you are not bothered by low temperatures and you are a doctor by profession, Denmark can be a great choice for you. There is an extremely high demand for specialists, and the level of average yearly pay reflects this increased demand. Nurses earn an average of 31,000 Danish kroner, which is about €4,200 per month. It should be noted that the cost of living in Denmark, as well as the taxation system, is significantly higher than in some other places in the world, so the level of earnings does not fully reflect the quality of life.

7.United Kingdom

The UK is one of the places where the payroll range is extremely wide. The so-called registered nurses can receive over £48,000 a year. Entering Great Britain’s healthcare system requires a so-called diploma. Basically, we talk about pre-registrations for primary care issued by the appropriate state institutions.


A large number of top professionals go to live and perform in Germany due to a less restrictive policy of hiring foreigners and easier integration into the system. Arguably, it presumes German speaking specials will benefit from relatively easy language learning, lower cost of living, and more.

The average yearly paycheck in Germany is around €42,000. Keep in mind that payments vary significantly depending on whether you are a beginner in this business or have significant experience. Thus, a novice technician earns about €2,500 a month, while an experienced employee can take over €4,500 euros a month.

9.New Zealand

New Zealand offers a high quality of life and high average earnings. The average yearly wage is NZ$152,900. It should be borne in mind that the payments differ significantly and largely depend on the length of service and working hours.


A small state in Western Europe, known for the seat of the European Union – Brussels. Although at the bottom of this list, the paychecks here are among the highest salaries for doctors in the world and definitely higher than in its first neighbor, the Netherlands. Per month, an experienced employee in the healthcare system can take between €5.300 and €24.300, depending on the job you find here.

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