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Types of Walls in Construction

There are many types of walls in construction, you will learn here in the article the different types of walls:

1.Loading Bearing Wall

It is carrying loads imposed on it, including its own weight, from above beams and slabs and transferred to the foundation. These walls support structural elements such as beams, columns, and walls above. It can be an exterior wall or an interior wall. From the roof, it braces to the floor.

Types of Load Bearing Wall

  • Precast Concrete Wall
  • Retaining Wall
  • Masonry Wall
  • Pre Panelized Load Bearing Metal Stud Walls
  • Engineering Brick Wall (115mm, 225mm)
  • Stone Wall

As the building’s height increases, the necessary wall thickness and resulting stress on the foundation will also increase and make it uneconomical. Also, it can carry other structure weight besides its own weight

To remove a load-bearing wall, new beam and columns must be added to support higher floor.

2.Non-Load Bearing Wall

Non-load walls only carry their own weight and do not support any structural members, such as beams and slabs. These walls only are used for partition walls or to separate rooms from the outside.

Types of non-load bearing wall

  • Hollow Concrete Block
  • Façade Bricks
  • Hollow Bricks
  • Brick Wall (115mm, 225mm)

3.Cavity Walls

It is a wall made of 2 leaves/skins, with space/cavity between them. A kind of construction of the building wall consists of an outer wall fitted to an internal wall that is segregated by the wind.

4.Shear Wall

Shear walls are a framed wall to resist lateral forces. The horizontal force resistance system is a vertical element. It is used to resist the load of construction by the wind and earthquake. It is usually a wall of a wood frame covered with a structural sheathing material such as plywood.

5.Partition Wall

The partition wall is an interior non-load bearing wall to divide the larger space into smaller spaces. The heights of a partition wall depend on the use which may be one storey or part of one storey. These walls are made up of glass, fiberboards or brick masonry.

6.Panel Wall

The panel wall is usually made of wood and is an external non-load wall in a framed building. It is used for the esthetics of both internal and external structures.

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