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Using Claim Digger to Compare Project XER Files in Primavera P6

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Before the project control engineer working on a project schedule file and proceeding with revisions and updates, you may want to compare it to an earlier XER file version so that you have a company understanding of what you are actually dealing with. The Claim Digger utility tool in P6 allows you to compare the many differing schedule features to help you determine if your project file is unique, and how so.

If you are only interested in the differences between particular project data or activity data you can prepare reports, accordingly. So, Claim Digger tool is very helpful for tracking the changes or/and evolution of your project time schedule. It also is a tool worth the time invested to become familiar with. Knowing how to use claim digger is one of the top Primavera P6 tips and tricks.

What is Claim Digger In Primavera P6?

Claim Digger is a utility built into the Primavera P6 software application. Claim Digger is its own separate product that has been built into Primavera P6 and is used to compares two project schedules or a revised project and a baseline schedule and creates a report on the differences between the project schedules including subjects like:

  • Items changed
  • Items deleted
  • Duration changed
  • Changed Values

The main features of Claim Digger include:

  • Multiple reporting formats: CSV,HTML, Text
  • Selects a baseline project and revised project to compare
  • Report comparison options can be turned off and on as needed

 Steps to Use Claim Digger in P6

1-Go to the tools menu and open Claim Digger

2-After you open Claim Digger, the main application window appears

3-Choose which schedules you would like to compare.

  • On the left side select the revised project
  • On the right side select the original project schedule baseline

4-Choose a report format

  • HTML file
  • CSV file
  • ASCII text file

5-Select report type and report path

6-Click the advanced button to open advanced settings where you can specify what data to compare including overall project data and activity level data

Note: You can do the configuration for what factors to compare including:

  • Costs
  • Units
  • Durations
  • Percent complete
  • Relationships

7- Click to compare the project report and display the preview

8-The project schedule difference report outlines what projects are being compared, the user who initiated, and shows the activities that have had a value change

9-After reviewing the data, go to file and close down the Claim Digger dialog box.

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