6 Ways Technology Has Changed The Entertainment Industry

Ways Technology Has Changed The Entertainment Industry

The internet has turned a lot of industries on their heads and the entertainment industry is one of them. For most of the twentieth century, entertainment was about getting out of your house and going somewhere to see or do something. There were movie theaters, sporting venues, and bowling alleys. And while those things still exist, people have a lot more options in terms of whether they want to stay at home and consume entertainment or go out due to the internet. Here are four ways the internet has changed our ideas about entertainment industry.

Top Ways Technology Has Broadened Concepts of Entertainment Industry

1.YouTube Celebrities

At one time, celebrity or fame was gained by appearing in movies or being really good at something like sports or singing. Today, it’s possible to gain notoriety as a result of your personality. Of course, YouTube celebrities have talent since it takes a certain amount of talent and skill to hold the attention of millions. However, they’re largely playing by their own rules.

YouTube has given the world the opportunity to entertain us. And we, as consumers, are eating it up. People are watching their favorite YouTubers cook or demonstrate how to put on makeup more than they’re going out to movies, in some cases. This is great for independent-minded entrepreneurs but not so great for the “traditional” entertainment industry.


Another way that the internet is disrupting the entertainment industry is through the ability of people to stream movies. In the past, Hollywood had a stranglehold on the movie industry. They had control over the actors, the means of production, and even the movie studios, which is where a lot of the money was coming from. But those days are coming to an end.

Today, people can choose to skip going to movie theaters altogether and choose to stream content from their homes. And there’s much greater variety in terms of what they can stream. Literally, thousands of movies and other programming are available to people through the power of the internet. Who needs to go out for entertainment when everything imaginable is there on your television screen?

3.Video Games

Playing video games has become an incredibly popular form of entertainment industry. However, the cost of new video game consoles and the games themselves can be pretty expensive. One way gaming enthusiasts are able to enjoy the thrill of video games without actually spending the money to play them is by watching others play the games.

Through the wonders of the internet, watching other players play video games has become an obsession for some. And their reasons for doing so aren’t just about the high costs involved in gaming. People enjoy watching others play video games for the same reason they enjoy watching people play football. It’s the thrill of watching someone who has more skill than you do something that you love.

4.Friends and Family

Years ago if you wanted to see friends and family you had to actually go to their homes or out someplace to lay eyes on them. And we all know friends and family can be just as entertaining as any movie or show we could watch. Unlike just talking to someone on the phone, the internet has made it possible for us to experience those friends and friends we can’t see in person in a richer way.

The internet also makes it possible for us to experience different forms of entertainment with our friends and family. We’re able to watch movies, play games, and do many other things with people we care about without actually being in their presence. Although there’s nothing like having experiences with people in person, get-togethers via the internet are the next best thing.

5.Music Industry

Music has become a huge business for the world’s biggest recording studios and labels, which is why they invest heavily in improving the quality of their product as artists experiment with new sounds and genres.

Some might argue that music has become too polished at this point, with singers auto-tuning their voices to sound better and musicians becoming too lazy to play actual instruments. Whether this is a good thing or not is up to you, but the fact remains that the world of music has changed dramatically, and it appears that it is becoming increasingly commercialized.

6.Concerts In Your Living Room

Another entry in the category of Virtual Reality. Now, thanks to virtual reality, you can see your favourite artist live and “in the flesh” from the comfort of your own home.

Would-be concertgoers who can’t make it to the actual venue for whatever reason can now don VR headsets and experience the show as if they were there in person, thanks to 3D cameras placed directly in front of the stage.

This goes beyond simply watching a concert on television, as viewing the event through VR provides an immersive 360-degree view of the concert, with some claiming the experience was so convincing that they got up from their seat at home to dance.


The internet technology has not only changed how we do business, but it’s also changed how we look at entertainment and entertaining ourselves. Gone are the days when it was necessary to go outside your home to find entertainment. Because of the internet, we can be entertained in our homes using devices that enable us to access YouTube celebrities, movies, video gamers, and even friends and family. Truly, there have never been more ways to be entertained at home.