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How To Answer “What can you bring to the Company?”

How To Answer What can you bring to the Company

When you’re getting ready for a job interview, think about how you’d answer questions that hiring managers would ask. “What can you bring to the company?” is one of the most frequently asked questions. This question may be phrased differently, such as “How can you add value to this company if offered the job?” “What values can you bring to this company” “what can you bring to the company as a manager?” or “what can you bring to the company to make a difference?” In this post, we’ll explain why potential employers ask this question and offer advice on how to respond effectively.

Why do employers ask “What can you bring to the company?”

Hiring managers want to find someone who has the required abilities to succeed in the available position, but they also want someone who can provide a fresh perspective to the company. The value that only you can contribute to the organization can be demonstrated by your response to the question, “What can you bring to the company?” Explain why your talents, expertise, and attributes uniquely position you to achieve the organization’s goals in your response.

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How to answer “What can you bring to the company?”

To create a complete answer that will impress hiring managers, consider the following steps:

1.Examine the company’s website

The majority of businesses have a website that contains useful information such as: 

Statement of purpose 

Understanding the mission statement will help you determine if your professional ambitions and fundamental beliefs are compatible with the companies. Consider how to phrase your response in a way that resonates with these principles after you’ve done your study.


Some company websites provide information about the most important people of the organization, such as C-level executives and upper-level management. Learning more about top managers can help you understand their objectives and how you might help them achieve them. 

The “About Us” page

Learn more about the company’s culture, history, products, and services by visiting the “About us” page. Check to determine if this portion of the website has any information regarding customers or corporate activity. This will assist you in identifying areas where you may have an effect on the company.

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2.Examine the business’s social media and professional networking profiles

Investigate the company’s social media accounts. You can check to see whether the company participates in any volunteer initiatives or has declared any recent achievements. On Company Pages, you may read evaluations about the organization as well as locate Q&A, salary, and other information.

Collect any facts that will help you write your response. If an employee review mentions that there are several training courses available to gain new abilities, you might emphasize how you seek to learn more about various positions in order to assist your team.

  • Check the job description.

The job description outlines the responsibilities and tasks of the role. Examine the job description for any requirements that match your background. Include instances of how you demonstrated those abilities in previous roles. You can talk about soft talents like critical thinking or hard skills like problem-solving. If you’re applying for an accounting position, for example, you can discuss your experience with applications like QuickBooks or Sage.

4.Make a list of your most important values

To help the interviewer understand why you are the best candidate for the job, try to connect your career ambitions and core beliefs to anything related to the organization. Try to answer these questions to construct a list of your essential values:

  • What characteristics do I want to hone in order to succeed in my career?
  • What inspires me?
  • What type of work environment do I prefer?
  • What attributes in my role models do I admire the most?

5.Work on your communication abilities

You can boost your confidence when giving your answer by practicing your verbal and nonverbal communication abilities. When speaking, be precise and succinct. To seem calm and confident, remember the highlights of your response rather than memorizing it all.

To demonstrate that you are focused on the interview, maintain eye contact, sit upright, and keep your shoulders back. Maintain a welcoming posture by keeping your feet flat on the ground.

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6.Use the STAR interview response method to respond to questions

When you present examples of experiences that speak to your skillset, the STAR technique is an excellent way to frame your answer. The acronym STAR stands for:

  • Circumstance: Give a description of the situation.
  • Assignment: Describe your part in the situation.
  • Action: Talk about what you did to address or improve the situation.
  • Outcome: Describe and quantify the situation’s outcome.

“What can you bring to the company?” example answers

Your answer to this question will be based on your experience and the company, but you can get some ideas from our sample responses:

1st example

“I perform incredibly well under pressure because of my problem-solving ability, which I realize is a typical occurrence in this profession.” In a prior role as purchasing lead, I was responsible for deciding which supplies to order in order to stay within budget, but I only had a limited amount of time to do so. I quickly put together a spreadsheet to assist me to evaluate manufacturer prices, and I was able to order the materials we needed on time and on budget. Throughout the rest of my stay at the company, I used the spreadsheet to assist them to save almost $500,000. I’ll bring the same enthusiasm and drive to make an impact at ABC Company.”

In any industry, problem-solving abilities are essential. Providing a response that exhibits this capacity will convey to hiring managers that you are willing to work through any difficulties.

2nd Example

“I believe my InDesign experience matches your needs properly.” As a graphic designer at Mathis Marketing, I did a lot of work with the program. One of our clients requested a major advertising campaign with flyers, postcards, and magazine print ads. To produce the majority of the materials, I used InDesign almost exclusively. The customer was so pleased with the campaign that they still utilize Mathis Marketing for all of their advertising needs today. In this position, my technical design talents, combined with my passion for excellent customer service, will help me succeed.”

In most vocations, hard skills are required in addition to soft talents. You can stand out from other candidates and help the hiring manager remember you if you can share an example of your experience with a challenging skill that was stated on the job description. What are you looking for in a new position? Read extensively here.

What can you bring to the Company for Fresh Graduates

As a graduate, there are a variety of ways you might contribute to a company’s success. Which are;

  • Your organizational skills and ability to work well in a group are valuable assets.
  • You have the ability to be flexible with your hours in order to fill in where the firm needs me.
  • You should have faith in your abilities to contribute to the company’s success.
  • You should be able to collaborate well with others, which will help the company run more smoothly.
  • You can highlight your technical abilities and talents.
  • You must be willing to devote your time, effort, and concentration to the company’s growth.
  • Assume responsibilities and accept challenges.
  • Interaction with clients in order to meet their needs.


If the interviewer asks, “what can you bring to the company to make it better?” divide your time between discussing the specific function and the company/team. Prioritize talking about what you can provide to the job, then the company. If they ask what you’d contribute to this specific job, focus solely on the role and how you’re a good match for their requirements and needs in this position.

Only one of the sample replies above demonstrates that you spent time learning about the job and then highlighting the hard talents that will help you succeed in it. If you follow the steps above, you’ll be able to give an excellent answer to the question, “What values can you bring to this company?” or “What can you bring to the company?” that will wow interviewers and lead to additional job offers.