What can you do with a Criminology Degree?

Criminology is the systematic study of crime, it is including investigating who commits a crime, why they commit it, it is the effect, and how to avoid it.

What does the word criminology mean?

Criminology is a branch of sociology that investigates human
actions, relationships, and organization. Usually, this is also related to studies and ideas from other fields of study such as philosophy,
sociology, genetics, and psychology.
The main aim of criminology is to recognize the root causes of
criminal activity, and to establish efficient and compassionate ways
to prevent it such goals have created several schools of thought
within the discipline, each of which explores various factors involved in the deviant activity and comes to different conclusions about how best to solve the problems.
In general criminological theories fall into some categories:
1-Classical theories: The classical theory describe illegal activity by individuals as a deliberate decision.
2- Biological theories: The biological theories say it is partially
determined by other biological features inherited from it.

3-Psychological theories: Psychological theories explain criminal
behavior as the result of factors such as childhood experiences and

4- Sociological theories: Sociological theorists believe that crime is often affected in a society influenced by a lot of factors inside the society.

The criminology field can lead to improvements in the criminal
justice system, including reaction to crime and treatment of victims and criminals. It has also brought some progress in the tactics and practices of police, such as community-oriented police.

How to become a criminologist?

Criminologists are studying the physical aspects of crime scenes and seeking to understand the sociological causes and consequences of crime. They also research and study criminals’ psychology in some causes and may develop criminal profiles.
Steps you need to follow to become a criminologist:
1-Get a high school education: Get an education in high
school. You can start to think about a criminology career
while you are still in high school. Focus on doing well on all
academic topics, as this will help you prepare for a college
criminal science program.
2-Get a bachelor’s degree: It is very important to get an
undergraduate education at least. Many colleges and universities
have criminology degree programs but there is no fixed subject in
which the degree will be. Whatever the subject you have selected
takes classes such as sociology, psychology, criminal, justice, statistics, writing, and computer science.

The criminologist takes up and enter this field and choose from these:
D-Criminal justice.

3-Look for internships programs: These internships are very important and offer big opportunities to gain your first experience. Try to communicate with your school to prepare an internship that helps you in the future.
You will need to seek:
1-Police department.
2-A law office.
3-Community organizations.
4-Research groups.

4-Get advanced degree: Many criminologists choose to
continue their education either before or after starting field
work. Earning a master degree or Ph.D. can help you to gain
more advanced positions with greater responsibilities and
higher salaries in the field such as:

1-Bachelor science.
5-Criminal justice.
6-Behavioral science.

5-Get your license: To work as a criminologist at most locations
and with most law enforcement agencies, you must pass a written
examination and get a license, in most cases this is separate from any degree in criminology or related field that you may earn in other words, you may not be able to practice as criminologist until you pass the license exam.
6-Gaining experience: Try to work with a very strong association and well known to gain a very strong experience.

7-Developing your skills: You should have many ways to develop your skills such as attending conferences, professional criminology
conferences. Try to learn about new developments.

Criminologist Job Description

  1. Investigate and study all the factors of the crime.
  2. Seeking ways to reduce recidivism.
  3. Making interviews several times to criminals and victims to
    know and see their mind and characters.
  4. Writing research papers and articles.
  5. Making surveys.

Criminologist Skills needed

  1. Excellent writing and speaking skills
  2. Excellent communication skills
  3. Pay attention to details.
  4. Very good at maths.
  5. Having the ability to solve problems.
  6. Very good at legal and law knowledge.

Do criminologists paid well?

If any criminologist gave from 1-4 years experience, he will gain
$31,800 to $65,169.

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