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What Does A Human Resources Manager Do On Daily Basis?

hr manager

Human resources department in any company or organization responsible for hiring employees and considering salaries. So the human resources manager is a person who is responsible for this department in any company and he can manage any data or details related to the people who are working in the company. He is responsible for making the advertising to hire people in the company, responsible also for training new employees.

The main role of the human resources department

1-Recruiting employees.

2-Training for new employees.

3-Promote diversity between employees.

4-Retain employees. (to keep the employees the longest period of time)


6-Safety and health.

Human resources manager responsibilities and duties

1-Investigate job salaries and reports to consider competitive compensation plans.

2-Develop and manage the human resources department that needs more information and data.

3-Hiring and tests new employees for the company and organization.

4-Evaluate the candidates and choose between them the best one.

5-Replying to any inquiries or questions.

6-Making budgets to human resources operations.

7-Making contract and apply all the details and the terms, with the other companies or employees.

8-Keeps watching the new employees during the training.

9-Provides the benefits program to the new employees including (Insurance, Health, Increasing salary every year & Pension Plan).

10-Building a strong relationship between the employees and the organization.

11-Manage and lead any issues between the employees and the company.

12-Mange the recruiting system.

13-Human resources manager is responsible for the comprehensive needs of the workforce.

14-Enhance the relationships between the employees and the company.

Qualification for human resources manager

1-Bachelor of 4 years college.

2-Experience in the same field.

3-PHR or SPHR certification preferred.

4-Excellent presentation.

5-Have a good knowledge of systems and databases.

6-Strong understanding of human resources software.

7-Very good listening and negotiation skills.

Human resources manager salary

The human resources manager gains $78,77k per year.

Human resources manager interview questions

1-Introduce yourself?

2-What is your strength and weakness?

3-How can you see yourself in 5 years?

4-What do you know about the human resources department?

5-What are your plans to deal with the employees?

6-How will you add to the company?

7-How do you describe a company culture?

8-In your point of view what is the best way to resolve an employee?

9-In your point of view what are the benefits programs to deliver satisfaction to employees?

10-What kind of Human resources smart tools you prefer to work with?

11-How can you find the best-qualified applicants?

12-Can you give a very short description of an ideal Human resources manager?

13-What kind of questions will you ask if you are the interviewer now?

14-Can you describe your management way of working?

15-How can you lead the human resources department?

16-What is your hiring strategy as a human resources manager?

17- What is the most thing you liked in the human resources department?

18-Why should we accept and hire you?

19- What is your expected salary?

20-Can you work under pressure and stress?

21- Can you work in shifts?

22-Can you work in a team?

23-From your point of view, what are the most priorities in your job description

Human resources manager skills

1-Can take decision alone without anyone.

2-Can follow a budget.

3-Having communication skills that can deal with different types of people.

4-Well organized.

5-Well prepared skills.

6-Can motivate employees.

7-Have good ethics.

8-The human resources manager should be a multi-tasked person who can do many things at the same time.

9-The human resources manager must have negotiation skills.

10-Ambitious person, looking forward to improving himself all the time.

11-Administrative expert.

12-Being an active person.

13-Coaching skills.

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