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What Is A Brand Ambassador?

brand ambassador

Marketing is a vast field with many different employment opportunities, it can often be difficult to distinguish positions and roles and tasks associated with a certain job. A common position that companies hire for is brand ambassador. But what is a brand ambassador and what do they do? What are the tasks and responsibilities of a brand ambassador?

It is important to better understand the role of a brand ambassador before you actually jump in.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

Before a brand ambassador can actually start working or understand his/her responsibilities it is important to know what a brand ambassador is and what their role is.

When a company chooses or hires a brand ambassador, it means they are looking for someone to represent their brand in a positive light. Essentially, he/she will be a part of the “face” of the brand or company. A brand ambassador will help build brand awareness and provide customers as well as the target audiences with memorable experiences.

Brand ambassadors are essentially like promotional marketers and they help bring emotional value as well relatability to many ordinary products.

What Makes A Good Candidate For Brand Ambassador?

A good candidate for being a brand ambassador generally requires him/her to be a trendsetter or a well-versed advisor within the community for the niche or market that the company or brand operates in.

The ideal candidate should be able to utilize connections and relationships that they’ve already established to be able to market using word of mouth tactics which can be to immediate friends and family as well as to a wider audience through the use of social media. In addition to this the candidate should have some form of background with the product or brand that they are representing.

It is very important for a brand ambassador candidate to have effective communication skills both written and orally in order to build trust and for strong relationships with customers, clients as well as coworkers. It is important to have strong public speaking skills to ensure that he/she can effectively reach customers and connect with them.

An ideal candidate for a brand ambassador should be friendly and engaging and have personality that fosters and retain positive relationships with clients. The candidate should be a team player; being able to work together as well as individually.

Brand Ambassador Job Description

A candidate for a brand ambassador position should be enthusiastic, outgoing and should have a considerable network with a sizeable following on social media. They should preferably be familiar with or endorse the products or services of the brand that they will be representing.

The candidate will most likely need to have their own form of transport as they will be likely required to transport materials to and from events. This can also lead into being able to carry a certain amount of weight, which is usually around 50 pounds.

What Does A Brand Ambassador Do?

The main function and role of brand ambassadors is to engage customers and future customers in fun and memorable experiences. These can occur online or offline and require the brand ambassador to interact with customers, forming connections.

Some of the key responsibilities of a brand ambassador include the following:

  • Representing the brand and it image in a positive light within various settings e.g. Online and face to face
  • Provide content creation such as providing writing reviews, blog content, and other depending on your medium e.g. videos
  • Raising brand awareness; generally, through the use of word of mouth marketing
  • Participation in marketing events
  • Act in a position of leadership for forming opinions within their community
  • Provide feedback and reviews on new products and services
  • Using social media platforms to promote the brand

Some other responsibilities of a brand ambassador include studying the marketing goals and objectives of the brand, to help plan initiative promoting the brand to potential customers and actively develop marketing ideas.

Brand Ambassador Qualifications

Aside from the characteristics that would make a good candidate for a brand ambassador position different companies may require other qualifications s well.

Most companies require brand ambassador to have a high school diploma, however many companies will show preference to applicants that have associate degree or a bachelor’s degree.

But even more important than the educational requirement maybe the experience that is required. Most companies require that you have some experience as a brand ambassador or are at the very least familiar with marketing and marketing techniques.

Brand Ambassador Salary

The salary for a brand ambassador can vary greatly, as brand ambassadors can choose their hours and the compensation can differ from company to company. Brand ambassadors can be paid with annual salaries or on at hourly rate.

According to different employment sites such as PayScale; the annual salary average for a brand ambassador can range from $20,000 to $58,000 per year. Generally, the average salary for a brand ambassador lines in between these to bounds about $40 to $50 thousand.

In the case of hourly rates most brand ambassadors earn around $10 to $16 per hour. However, it depends on the company and is subject to the company or brand’s discretion.

In addition to this sometimes brand ambassadors can also earn commission as compared to an hourly rate or on occasion in addition to the hourly rate. This provides incentive for the brand ambassadors to distribute promotional material and generate leads.


A brand ambassador is someone who promotes a brand or company in a positive light. They are responsible for promotion and marketing of the company’s products within their communities.

Generally, they are required to an established network within which they can influence taste. Brand ambassadors can be paid an annual salary or hourly or even through commissions. If you are friendly, outgoing and have strong network, a brand ambassador position maybe a good opportunity for you.

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