What is Cybersecurity and Why is it Important?


Cybersecurity has become a very common headline in the recent few years. Many hackers steal different user’s data by hacking the computer system of organizations. Unethical hackers grab account passwords, secret and personal information from the database. Cybercrimes are increasing with the increasing number of internet users. Keeping user’s information safe is the prime concern of every organization.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a method of protecting and recovering networks, devices, computer systems, including servers and programs, from any cyber-attack. Hackers use different AI and social engineering-based methods to bypass security controls. To protect users’ privacy, every sector, such as tech companies, banks, government agencies, invests in Cybersecurity.

The Importance of Cybersecurity

The importance of Cybersecurity is on the top. The world is relying more on technology with the development of new technologies. In this situation, every organization tries to build the users’ trust who come to them with their data.

However, some companies don’t take data security seriously, which results in cyber-attack. There are many types of cyber-attacks, but cyber-scams, ransomware, and phishing are common ones. These attacks are harmful as they steal personal information and money from bank accounts.

Why is Cybersecurity important for organizations?

1.Cyberattack affects everyone

Cyber-attacks are widespread now a day. Recent studies showed that in the US, hackers hack a computer every 39 seconds! A single attack can harm millions of users. In a security attack, personal information gets hacked, and service becomes unavailable to authorized users. In Atlanta, hackers used SamSam ransomware and asked for $51000. Due to this attack, the city was offline for five days that halted many citywide operations. The recovery of this attack cost $17 million. Businesses face more than 4000 ransomware attacks in a single day.

2.Growth of IoT Devices

In the digital world, every user is connected to the internet. The IoT technology was developed to simplify and speed up the tasks, but it has created new vulnerabilities for attackers. Cyber-criminals always try to stay one step ahead of Cybersecurity to hack sensitive information. Companies have to define their cybersecurity policies to prevent any cyber-attack.

3.Bridge to Security Gap

The most important aspects of an organization are IT and Human resources. Both of them are dependent on each other, but there exists a security gap between them. To fill this gap, we should provide awareness to our employees about Cybersecurity. We should provide them proper training to make a cyber-resilient environment.

4.Security of Data

The information leakage and data breach cases have reached alarming limits. In this situation, organizations should make a proper data security strategy to keep their information online. If they left data vulnerable, the data could be exploited and publicized through different attacks. In order to avoid any cyber-attack, a proper cyber-security solution is a must for any organization.

5.Cost of Cyber Risks

Cyber-attacks cost a huge amount to recover. If a company doesn’t take proper security measures, it can be extremely expensive if they fall victim to cyber-attack. A recent report predicts that the cost of cybercrimes would be reached to $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. With a huge loss of money, a firm will lose customer trust and reputation.

6.Rise of Cyber Crimes

Cyber attackers don’t spare anyone, even if it is a small-scale organization. They always find vulnerability to get money and sensitive information. According to a report, the average cost of cybercrime has increased up to 23% in the last couple of years. The cost for security breaches has reached $3.86 million. Advanced technology has increased many threats and risks as hackers also use advanced methods for cyber-attacks.

How to Secure Your Organization against cyberattack?

Protecting user privacy and providing data security is essential for any organization. You need to have a strong defensive system and practices to defense against cyber-attack.

If you are thinking to install anti-virus software to stop cyberattacks, then it won’t work. You have to make smart policies and educate your employees to reduce the chances of attack. For example, educate them to recognize and don’t open spam emails and links. There is no need to hire a specialist to train employees as there are many tools available on the internet that help recognize the cyber threat.

Hackers constantly try to bypass the security systems and steal confidential data. It makes it difficult for an organization to secure the data, but they can fight against the malware. They have to make strict security policies and use the best tools for Cybersecurity. You can track vulnerabilities by using these tools, such as anti-phishing tools, fraud monitoring tools, and security risk assessment tools.


Cybersecurity is common in the digital world. Cybercrimes are increasing with the increasing number of technology trends. We use different methods to protect and recover our computer and network systems from malware attacks. Every organization has to make strict security policies; otherwise, they can face a huge loss of money, customer trust, and company reputation. We have discussed in complete detail what Cybersecurity is, why it is important, and how we can survive from a security attack? Please follow these guidelines strictly!

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