What is NFC and How Does it Work?

What is NFC (Near-field communication)

NFC stands for near-field communication. It is a chip that allows two devices at a specific distance to connect with each other and share information and data. The one thing that is important for this communication to happen is the NFC chip that the devices must be equipped with in order to make a connection.

Technology has improved a lot, but still, not all phones have NFC chips. There are some phones like Samsung galaxy s5 and Nokia Lumia that have NFC chips to connect with the nearby devices. We are here to briefly explain what NFC is and how does it work on phones. With no further ado, let’s get started!

How does NFC work?

NFC communication allows two devices equipped with NFC chips to connect with each other over a distance of a few centimeters and share data and files. There can be two modes of communication involved in this whole process, as mentioned below:

1.Two-way communication

In this mode of communication, two devices connect with each other, and both can send and receive data from each other. Both devices can send and receive contacts, links, files, and photos, etc.

2.One-way communication

A powered device or machine is involved in this mode of communication, like a phone, card reader, or commuter card terminal. These powered devices read/write on the NFC chip, and then NFC-powered terminal or commuter card terminal extracts the money from the balance available on the card.

Where is this NFC technology used?

NFC is used in many fields in the real world, and it has amazingly made a lot of work more accessible for us. The following are some significant uses of NFC that are making life easier and more brilliant for us!

1.     Digital wallets

Digital wallets are incredible problem solvers. Using these NFC chips, mobiles are getting transformed into digital wallets. Using these digital wallets, you can quickly pay your bills without having a single penny in cash in your pocket.

It means that you don’t have to worry about money even if you forget your wallet at home. You can still buy anything you want using your digital wallets.

2.     Remember passwords

Another fantastic use of NFC chips is that it remembers your password. We all have to face the troubles of forgetting a password once in a lifetime.

Now, using NFC technology, you no more need to remember the password or write them somewhere else. NFC technology is being used in the form of scanning codes. All you have to do is download an app from the Google play store and scan a device to log in.

3.     Connect with your car

We all love to listen to the songs while driving, and guess what? NFC technology allows you to connect your phone with your car and listen to all your favorite songs without being worried about Bluetooth.

You can quickly scan your mobile phone into the car and share data between your vehicle and mobile phone. In this way, you can connect any phone with an NFC chip and enjoy your ride!

What are some significant benefits of NFC technology?

NFC technology has revolutionized the world with its incredible usage and effective impact on the world. We must learn about the advantages that this technology has brought for us. The following are the perks that we are enjoying with NFC technology.

  • NFC technology allows you to enjoy contactless and easy data transfer between two devices with just a single tap.
  • It gives you smooth success control of all your devices with an NFC chip.
  • This technology uses a tiny chip that is relatively easy to install and definitely not difficult.
  • NFC technology facilitates you with the utilities which can adapt to any industry.
  • NFC technology has revolutionized social sharing and networking and made it a lot easier than ever before.

Although these are just a few of the perks that NFC has brought for us, there is a huge list of advantages and plus points of using NFC technology. It has a lot of features that you must explore by using NFC technology in your devices.

What is the future of NFC technology?

NFC technology has brought you so many features, and now it also has a lot more for the future. The following are some significant future prospects of NFC technology that we can expect from the future.

  • NFC technology multiplies the possibility of breaking through life scenarios.
  • It is safe and secure to use. In the future, it will also improve customer security and authorization.
  • It is also expected that these NFC technologies will also integrate with smart driving licenses and ID cards.


We tried to mention all the significant aspects of NFC technology and how it is upgrading our daily life chores. If you haven’t used NFC technology yet, you are missing an excellent opportunity to make your life smarter and quicker with this incredible utility.

It’s time to say goodbye to traditional billing methods or use NFC chips to connect your mobile with your car. The future of NFC technology is tremendously bright, and you should also avail yourself of the opportunity to be a part of this bright future!

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