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How To Answer “What Other Companies Are You Interviewing With?”

What Other Companies Are You Interviewing With

Have you finally received an invited for an interview concerning that job opportunity you’ve been shooting for? Yes? Then you’re more than likely anxious about how it will turn out or, better put, trying to be careful not to screw it up. At least, that’s why you’re here to understand how to answer the common interview question “what other companies are you interviewing with?”.

Now, to answer this question correctly, the first step is knowing why you are being asked and what role the question plays in the hiring process. And that’s what I am about to reveal in this post. Through the next 10 minutes, I will show you;

  • Why recruiters ask “what other companies are you interviewing with?” or “are you actively interviewing with other companies?”.
  • The complete guide to answering both questions.
  • Possible mistakes to avoid in your answer.
  • Job-winning sample answers to the question “what other companies are you interviewing with?”.

Without much ado, let’s get started with the…

3 Reasons Recruiters Ask What Other Companies Are You Interviewing With

  1. Personalizing The Timeline With You

At the end of the day, a recruiter’s goal is to secure the best talent for the position. Unfortunately (or fortunetly?), this is someone who is by implication a sought-after. By asking “are you actively interviewing with other companies “, hiring managers want to know the hiring stage you are in with other companies. The answer you give is considered to decide whether they need to hire you fast (to avoid losing you to the competitors) or to extend your recruitment process (if you are not really a hot cake).

  1. Accessing The Number Of Similar Opportunities In The Job Search Market

Recruiters also use this question to bounce data off of you about the global demand for talents like you. If at the end of the day they found out there are several other opportunities available to you and other candidates, the company may resort to offering attractive incentives that make you prefer working with the company over its competitors. This may be an increased salary, changing the position from office-bound to remote, and whatnot. But remember,  it goes sideways.

  1. Deciding Whether You Are Committed Or Desperate

Here’s a good rule of thumb; job-seekers who are applying and interviewing for different kinds of positions in unrelated industries are considered desperate while those who are interviewing with similar companies for the same types of position are seen as committed. And as you already know, commitment is a green flag.

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So, how do you craft an answer that meets your interviewers’ expectations?

The Complete Guide To Creating Job-winning Answers To The Interview Question “What Other Companies Are You Interviewing With?”

Now, you are in either of these 3 positions; 

  • Interviewing with other companies within the same industry.
  • Not interviewing with any other company so far.
  • Interviewing with companies in other industries.

Whichever the case may be, your answer must present you as an attainable star talent. Follow the 3-steps guide below to craft your answer.

  1. Display How Motivated, Active And Consistent You Are In Your Job Search

Starting your answer this way leaves good impression and portrays you as a dedicated individual, someone who is serious about progressing in their professional career. This is easy to do and the answer comes naturally if you’re interviewing with other companies for the same position within the same industry. But if you’re a fresher, you don’t want to give the employer more power than they already have by telling them this is the only interview you are having. Instead, tell them you’re at the early stage of your career and have some new active applications sent out. And if your other interviews are spread across different industries for different positions, it’s important to find and showcase the common theme of these positions so you don’t appear like a desperate job-hunter who is out to take just any offer.

  1. Announce Your Interest And Criteria

Regardless of how great or small the company may be, being open about the criteria guiding your decision about who you want to work for will position you as a star and also present you as someone with a deep sense of direction. For instance, if you’re more inclined to join a company that offers 100% remote operation or any other thing, let that be highlighted in your answer. But be careful not to become unattainable, “too expensive”, or make the company give up on hiring you.

  1. Acknowledge That This Particular Position Is Ideal

Finally, reassure the employer that they have what it takes to get you on their team. Do this without sounding too desperate. A great way to strike balance between positioning yourself high while letting them know you’re attainable to them is to mention that the other job opportunities you’re interviewing for also offer what you’re looking for in an ideal job.

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See some of the…

3 Great Sample Answers To “What Other Companies Are You Interviewing With?”

Here goes:

Sample For When Interviewing For Competitors

Thank you for asking. Currently, I have a serious interview fixed for the weekend with a similar company and for a similar position. Also, just like this one, I have 4 other similar applications for the position that allows me to put my expertise in funnel creation and lead generation to constant use with challenges. Personally, I am more inclined to go for an offer that allows me to work 100% remotely. And since it’s just your company and one other competitor that seems to offer this, I believe this position is the most attractive to me.”

Sample For When Interviewing Across Varying Industries

Glad you asked. I have been applying for other positions outside of the industry because I wanted to keep my mind-eye open to various opportunities and diversification. My goal is to implement my impeccable communication and relationship skills in impacting the overall growth of a B2C company through the development of great customer relationships management.”

Sample For When You’re Not Interviewing Anywhere Else

Thank you. Though I am at the early stage of my career, so far, I have been able to send out 6 applications within the last 4 days and now awaiting the call for interviews. I intend to start my career with a position that allows me to grow and expand my skillset. Your company looks like a great choice.”

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Be careful though. These are the…

Mistakes To Avoid In Your Answer When Asked are you actively interviewing with other companies

  • Never give out the names of the other companies you are interviewing with.
  • Do not lie or say you’re interviewing with other companies when, in reality, you’re not.
  • If you’re not interviewing with any other company yet, avoid stating it out bluntly. Instead, showcase your newest and promising applications.
  • Avoid selling yourself too high or too low, the path in-between is always the best.

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And that’s it.

In Conclusion

So, basically, when the interviewer ask “what other companies are you interviewing with?” or “are you applying for other jobs?”, they want to know the competition they are up against in hiring you and to decide whether they need to hire you instantly or extend your hiring process.

In this article, I have explained exactly how you can position yourself as a sought-after star talent that they need to recruit and are capable of hiring on the spot. I recommend going through the guide twice, reading the 3 samples “are you applying for any other jobs best answer”, and understanding to avoid the possible mistakes in your answer.

Wishing you best success in your interview. You’ve got this!

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