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Why Digital Brochures Are A Must for Ecommerce Sites?

Why Digital Brochures Are A Must for Ecommerce Sites

Half of the human brain is directly or indirectly devoted to processing visual information.

If you know what that means, you will also know that our brains process visuals “90% faster than text”.

Now you may ask what is the need for that in your business.

Now as a business, you often use brochures and commercials to market your products and communicate with your customers. And brochures are by far the best medium to highlight the product and its features.

But there is one problem with physical brochures. You will have to produce and print them in bulk. This, however, is not the case with digital brochures.

Digital brochures are making a boomerang entry into the marketing world. They are considered a refreshment and welcomed as a marketing approach.

But how does a digital brochure help if you own an eCommerce business. In this post, we will detail out all the benefits of a digital brochure for an eCommerce business.

Top 16 Reasons why digital brochures are convenient for eCommerce businesses

All said and done, if you are an eCommerce business owner, then digital brochures are your best bet. They not only come with a host of benefits but also help you maximize the conversions.

Since the prospective customers of a brand are turning away from the screens, companies are coming up with digital brochures to enter their minds.

The following is the list of reasons why digital brochures are back in the game and is a saviour for eCommerce businesses.

1.Receive instant updates

Digital brochures are quite advantageous when it comes to real-time updates.

There always seems to be a miscommunication between the field assistants and the business development team about information updates.

To bridge the gap, digital brochures act as a one-stop solution. It can be instantly updated with the required information like price drop or increase, discounts, offers, and more.

This way, field assistants find it more accessible to contribute the right information in the market. Further, the digital versions can be updated by adding new docs or simply updating the existing one.

2.Off-the-rack designs

If you are someone who is not intrigued by the thought of creating your own digital brochure, then there are numerous templates available online.

You will find thousands of brochure design examples on certain sites diversified in shapes, fonts, colors, space, and more.

Both free and paid digital brochure templates are available. Therefore, do your research before you end up purchasing the one that best reflects your brand.

The brochures can be shared in multiple formats like word, image, PDF–depending on your requirements.

3.Can be easily customized

The best part of a digital format is that it can be easily customized.

Thanks to the ton of image editing software and web designing platforms, you can now easily design, create, and release a digital brochure to your target audience.

If that’s not enough, you can customize the colors, styles, tones to match your branding requirements.

Further, it is also possible to set user restrictions on the files so that your users are not able to tamper the original files or delete them by mistake. This makes digital brochures both flexible and secured. 

4.Get in varied budget

Digital brochures are not always expensive, thereby making them accessible for start-ups.

You will find an array of digital brochures ranging from low to high.

One way to create your digital brochure is by consulting a professional designer. These designers have templates based on different price ranges. Choose the one that fits your business.

If you are planning to make multiple digital brochures then definitely you will receive a discount.

Another way to create your digital brochure is by yourself. Don’t worry, you will get ample templates online featuring distinctive designs. You simply need to put your desired content in the templates, and you are good to go.

5.Consistent branding

It is through a digital brochure that your brand will always be in the limelight.

Wondering how?

A digital brochure comprises all valuable information about products, services, prices, after-sales service, and more. It tends to stay in the phone or computer’s memory, and a person can instantly refer to it when they need it.

Unlike pamphlets, digital brochures stay on the phone enabling you to check them on the go.

6.Targeted towards intended audience

A digital brochure always ends up reaching our target audience.

Previously, the brochures were delivered through doors or hand-to-hand on the streets.

Since digital brochures are circulated through the internet, people find it more accessible to engage with them as they are mostly on their phones or laptops.

For instance, if you are a regular delivery or takeaway customer of your nearby café, then chances are high that you will receive a digital brochure of their newly opened branch or addition to their menu.

You will scroll through the brochure, check the new additions, and probably order as well. This is how the digital brochure plays its role in advertising.

7.Suitable for online sharing

Sharing your brochure becomes the easiest when it comes to digital brochures.

You can share all crucial information simply by sending it through your social media apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, or Instagram.

It doesn’t matter what format you’re using, sending across a PDF or a Word file or an image is always more effortless than a pamphlet.

All you need to do is just click the share button and it will be immediately delivered to multiple people within a flicker of a moment.

8.Multi-screen availability

Multi-screen availability

One of the greatest parts about digital brochures is that they can be viewed in a multi-screen format.

The number of smartphone users amounts to more than six billion worldwide and is expected to rise by a couple of millions in the next few years. A digital brochure fits in every dimension.

People can also view different animations from the digital brochures giving a lively effect.

9.Captivating content

Digital brochures are very engaging pieces. They have distinct splashes of color, shapes, and sizes that attract a customer’s eyes.

Users can also suit their views by adjusting the zoom ratio, or by lowering or increasing the brightness levels.

Unlike jazzy banner ads, digital brochures are considered very elegant.

10.Equipped with technological features

Today’s world is run by technological advancement as can be witnessed through electronic devices and more.

Similar to the case of a digital brochure, you can feature some amusing technological additions in it.

Imagine your users getting a real-life product display–how fascinating will that be. Therefore, the implementation of some technological features like augmented reality can be a great option.

Technological advancement in digital brochures can be a game-changer. It instantly provides a chic look produced by the graphics. You can also opt for the swift page-turning effect that will give the feel of an original brochure, thereby drawing more attention.


This is a big difference between the age-old pamphlet brochure and the contemporary digital brochure.

The old brochures could undergo the wear and tear of time, but the digital brochures will never encounter such issues.

In fact, there was a high tendency of people simply throwing the pamphlets without even acknowledging it. But with a digital brochure, people will at least take some time out to glance through and engage with the brochures if they find them interesting.

12.Helps with lead generation

Generating leads play a significant role in the marketing domain. Digital brochures are advantageous in deriving leads.

While creating your digital brochure ensure that you provide a Call to Action (CTA) enabling users to visit your website or call on that number for further queries.

The CTAs need to be placed in strategic locations, maybe in places where a unique feature is demonstrated or an offer is revealed.

To understand the analytics of your digital brochure, you can also arrange for heat maps or click rates. These special components generate facts and figures of the usage of the digital brochure. It helps the business understand how the brochure can be put to utmost utilization.

13.Receive instant reaction

One of the best things about digital brochures as compared to traditional brochures is that you are able to get an immediate reaction from your audience.

It is very easy for you to send across a digital brochure to your targeted audience through social media platforms.

Once sent, you can immediately receive responses on its appearance, content, and overall idea. You can modify the brochure accordingly and release the updated version.

14.Save money

Digital brochures save a hefty amount of money that you would have otherwise spent on printing and posting traditional brochures.

The only cost incurred is to create the digital brochures. Sometimes you can even get yourself free templates of the perfect design, thereby being able to save quite a few bucks.


Digital brochures are still very relevant in today’s time when social media posts have taken over. It has a wide range of advantages because of which we still notice many companies using it. It is an affordable option to promote one’s business.

The best feature of digital brochures is accessibility–share it anytime and anywhere. It is quite fascinating to scroll through a digital brochure rather than a pamphlet.

With technological development like augmented reality, gaining information from a digital brochure has become even better.

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