World War I (The War To End All Wars)

World War I (The War To End All Wars)


The war to end war” (also called “The war to end all wars”) was a term for the First World War of 1914–1918. Originally idealistic, it is now used mainly sardonically.

A War to End All War:

In 1914, near the start of World War I, Wells began to write a series of essays and then published them as a short book titled The War That Will End War. He advocated a full disarmament of the German Empire as the only solution to completely stave off further war in Europe. That, of course, could only be done through a political and military alignment of other nations with the resources to take on an ever-more-powerful German military machine. Britain and France stood to lose the most if they failed to halt Germany’s advance. The United States was less immediately threatened, but it was easy for them to see that a Europe controlled and dominated by Germany posed a great threat. In his treatise, Wells called on these allies to bring to bear every resource available to end the German Empire.

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