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Demand Planner Job Description: Skills, Salary, & More

Demand Planner Job Description

Demand planners play an important role in a company’s supply chain. They use a company’s analytical, marketing, and sales data to effectively forecast future product demand. Demand Planners responsibilities include planning inventory flow, analyzing statistical data, and developing forecasting solutions. In this article, you will read about Demand Planner Job Description.

Demand Planner Job Description

Most companies are looking for an experienced demand planner to ensure that their company’s operations run smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. You will help with all aspects of demand planning, such as estimating future product demand, analyzing inventory flow, and developing forecast models.

To be successful in this role, you should be professional, analytical, and have excellent communication skills. The successful candidate should also be well-versed in advanced mathematical and forecasting policies.

  • Oversee the demand planning and management processes for new and existing products.
  • Create and carry out product demand plans in order to meet organizational objectives.
  • Assist in developing seasonal demand forecasts and anticipating customer reactions to promotions and discounts.
  • Create demand forecasts based on demand patterns and business trends.
  • Improve forecast accuracy by collaborating with customers, the sales team, and supply chain management.
  • Maintain a demand plan to ensure cost effectiveness and to meet customer demands.
  • Assist with risk assessment and mitigation.
  • Mentor and train other Planners as needed.
  • Inform customers and the sales team about product availability.
  • Maintain inventory levels in accordance with future customer demands.
  • Communicate forecast and inventory estimations to management successfully.
  • Important changes in sales forecasts, budgets, and business strategies should be monitored and reported on.

Demand Planner Education

  • A bachelor’s degree in business, supply chain management, or a related field is required.
  • A thorough understanding of inventory management practices and procedures is required.
  • This role requires a demonstrated proficiency in statistics, forecasting, and forecasting methods, as well as a strong understanding of their financial and operational implications.
  • Strong knowledge of SAP/APO, Oracle Demand Planning, or other demand planning software is preferred.

Top Essential Demand Planner Skills

1.Supply Chain

A supply chain is a network or a sequence by which a company’s finished products are distributed to retailers and then to end-users. The distribution of products and services from the production line to the final buyers is accomplished through a series of steps that include manufacturing, transportation, and distribution. Manufacturers, transportation, warehouses, suppliers, and retailers are all part of the supply chain. The entities ensure that the products retain their originality while also minimizing delivery costs.

Here’s how supply chain is used on demand planner resumes:

  • Collaboration with Supply Chain on product availability timing ensured that we were on the same page for successful promotional and new item volume execution.
  • Review inventory-planning strategies with Product Management and Supply Chain Management, and recommend an alternate plan to reduce costs and optimize inventory position.
  • Developed custom reports to communicate inventory stocking levels and improve transparency between the Product Management and Supply Chain departments.
  • Create and document improved business operating procedures for demand planning in the supply chain business.

2.Customer Service

Customer service is the process of assisting all current and potential customers by answering questions, resolving problems, and providing excellent service. The primary goal of customer service is to develop strong relationships with customers so that they will return for more business.

On demand planner resumes, customer service is used as follows:

  • Created a fact-based inventory model to determine proper inventory allocations and Oracle safety stock settings in order to achieve desired customer service levels.
  • Improved forecast accuracy enabled better customer service, lower working capital, lower transportation and handling costs, and, ultimately, lower salvage.
  • Coordinated communication between sales, customer service, manufacturing, and external brokers to eliminate order cuts and inventory write-offs
  • Identified discrepancies and made recommendations to ensure forecast accuracy, inventory targets, and customer service requirements.

3.Inventory Levels

On demand planner resumes, inventory levels are used as follows:

  • Applied statistical forecasting techniques and software tools to analyze sales history, promotional data, and on-hand inventory levels.
  • Monitor inventory levels to ensure adequate supply while maximizing service level and identifying excess inventory risk.
  • In-depth inventory analyses were performed using advanced planning systems, with target inventory levels of finished goods and raw materials.
  • Created the Master Production Schedule to meet customer demand while optimizing inventory levels and plant capacity utilization.


A logistics problem is one that requires the complete organization and implementation of a solution. Logistics are frequently considered in a complex business operation because some tasks necessitate careful planning.

Here’s how logistics is used on demand planner resumes:

  • Established working relationships with vendors to assist with the marketing campaign for the introduction of a new product and product logistics.
  • Process mapping exercises were facilitated in multiple business groups to optimize logistics and planning processes.
  • Helped to coordinate logistics for the delivery of the launch product and supporting marketing materials.
  • Resolved order fulfilment and logistics execution issues.

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