EOT Claim Example For High Rise Building Towers (XER+Narratives)

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Extension of time claims (EOT claims) are the most commonly discussed type of claim in the construction industry. The purpose of this EOT Claim sample is to provide you with a better understanding of real EOT claims.

Construction contracts typically allow for the extension of the construction time when there is a delay that is not the contractor’s fault. This is referred to as a time extension (EOT).

When it becomes reasonably clear that there is, or is likely to be, a delay that could justify an extension of time, the contractor provides written notice to the contract administrator identifying the relevant event that has caused the delay, requesting the extension of time, explaining why, and referencing the contract clause that allows the request. The contract administrator then evaluates the letter (possibly with advice from the consultant team) before approving or rejecting it. If it is authorized, a written response is sent to the letter, and a change order is issued.

Time Impact Analysis

A time impact analysis (TIA) is a tool for determining the amount of the impact of potential construction delays. This procedure may be a favored method of encouraging negotiation and later agreements on delay claims. Such an assessment is carried out using existing schedules, which are then analyzed with all related input submitted into the schedule to demonstrate the reason or potential effects on the schedule. ​

A project scheduler typically performs time impact analysis, which can be used on the great majority of construction projects. This method entails inserting or adding activities indicating delays or changes to a schedule that represents progress up to the point when a delay event occurred. This enables a view of the effects of those activities. ​Time Impact Analysis has been used in our EOT Claim Examples.

This EOT Claim Example Include:

  • 10 EOT cases
  • All VOR Letters
  • 11 Study in Primavera P6 (XER)
  • Consolidated case for the 10 EOT Cases
  • Summary and Narratives for the EOT Claim
  • TIA Method
  • 164  Pages of Narratives
  • 105 MB (Full Claim)

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