Infrastructure Schedule (Roads & Utilities)



Civil engineering and infrastructure construction firms construct large buildings, bridges, dams, pipelines, road networks, ports, railways, and aqueducts. The infrastructure and construction industry is divided into several segments, ranging from homebuilders to companies that support large government-funded projects.

Infrastructure projects are essential for every country in the world. It is what allows us to commute every day or to have power in the buildings where we live and work. Schools, highways, and new metro stations are just a few examples of why infrastructure construction projects are so important to a country.

Infrastructure project management is simply the management of infrastructure construction projects. In general, it adheres to the same processes and principles as other types of construction project management.

This Infrastructure Schedule includes:

  • Construction Works for Roads
  • Construction Works for Sewage Network
  • Construction Works for Storm Network
  • Construction Works for Water Network
  • Construction Works for Irrigation Network
  • The Programme is resource loaded

The project scope: Full Infrastructure works for 3 zones (13 roads for each zone).

Extension of file: XER (Primavera P6)