Professional Project Management Dashboard Template in Excel



This Simple Project Management Excel Dashboard Template can be used to manage multiple projects. You can plan resources and schedules based on the requirements, deliverables, and team and bandwidth available. The Project Management Dashboard template allows you to keep track of all of your projects, tasks, and their progress and status.

You can add data to the Dashboard on a daily basis to keep it up to date. In Project meetings, share with your teams and customers/stakeholders to keep everyone up to date on the project’s status and progress. This is a tool that every project manager should have.

Specific requests can also be created using the project management dashboard. Focus on one of the project’s many sections and use the dashboard to create a graph for a visually appealing presentation. Hard numbers are fine, but if you’re trying to communicate, it’s best to tell a compelling story, and a presentation that includes visual aids like the graphs generated by your dashboard is more likely to convey your message clearly and quickly.

Features in Project Management Dashboard

Here are the main features of the Project Management Dashboard Excel Template.

  1. Dynamic Dashboard: You can select the Project to Populate its data in the Dashboard template sheet
  2. Professional Dashboard Template Format and easy to change the colors
  3. Easy to customize the Dashboard template using Excel Formulae
  4. Powerful Gantt Chart and Easy to use Gantt controls
  5. Easy to add more fields in the Data Tables
  6. Easy to Manage your projects and create the best Project Management Dashboard Template

An interactive executive dashboard that allows you to see the overall picture at a glance. You can choose and change any option to better understand the data and deliver meaningful data.

This Professional Dashboard Excel Template include:

  • Actual vs Planned Curve
  • Manpower Curve
  • Safety Status
  • Milestone Tracker
  • 3 Week Lookahead
  • Executive Summary
  • Floorwise Progress