Towers Baseline Schedule In Primavera P6 “XER”

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High-rise buildings are unique construction objects, requiring special rules and regulations in their design and construction. The goal of this work is to present the main characteristics of high-rise building construction through an analysis of the literature and technical documentation. Based on the study’s findings, differences in the concept of “high-rise building” in different countries were identified, specific problems encountered in high-rise construction were described, and design features of high-rise buildings were described.

Special consideration is given to additional difficulties that arise in the construction of high-rise buildings as a result of load specificity, construction technology, high-rise building operation, and other factors.

As a result, initial planning and subsequent rescheduling are critical for the successful management of a high-rise building project. The traditional floor schedule aims to balance the resources, particularly the formwork system, to ensure a steady movement of resources while maintaining progress.

Towers Baseline Schedule Programme

  • Baseline schedule for this project consists of two towers (High Rise Building)
  • Resource Loaded
  • Full detailed activities
  • Engineering-Procurement-Construction


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