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Why Should We Hire You? How To Answer To Win That Job

Why Should We Hire You

How do I answer the question “why should we hire you” in my next interview to win the job?

Someone asked.

As a previous hiring manager who has interviewed 130+ candidates and has also been interviewed for 7 different positions, here’s what I can tell you.

Be straight to the point, showcase your skills, qualifications, and tell them the added values you’re bringing to the table. Do this confidently without coming across as cocky and you’ll be decorating your table soon.

Now, the question is, how do you put all of that in your answer without throwing in a 15 minutes pitch?

Ask no more, right here, discover;

  1. The proven method for crafting a job-winning answer to the question “why should we hire you”.
  2. A working sample of “why should we hire you answer for fresher and experienced job seekers.
  3. Possible pitfalls and how to avoid them in your answer to the question “why should we hire you”.

As a plus, to know exactly what recruiters are looking for, see this article titled Guide to selection criteria in recruitment.

Just what you’re looking for, right?

On with the motley.

How To Answer The Interview Question “Why Should We Hire You”; The Guide

1.Start Off By Mentioning The Key Qualifications And Strength; you’re probably one in 100 candidates and we recruiters want to expend less energy and time. Call that lazy but that’s just it. Now, if you can’t CLEARLY state EXACTLY what the company is looking for, right from the start, you’re most likely automatically marked as a time-waster.

Therefore, while you might have tens of skills and qualifications, it’s important to mention ONLY those that are mentioned in the description. So, take your time now that you can go through the job description again.

2.Back Up Each skill With Realistic Examples; remember the old cliché “show not tell”? Well, not here, you tell and show. After reaffirming to your interviewer that you understand the position, show that you have what it takes to fill in. Here’s where your previous achievements save the day.

It’s okay if you have no professional working experience. Major activities you have lead or taken part in, in college, family, community or a group can be used too. Just make sure whichever you mention are realistic and they show that you have the previously mentioned qualities.

3.Stand Out With Your Work Philosophy; aka impress with authority. What’s your personal view about the job, your unique idea that has helped you succeed in similar activities? 

As a potential digital marketer, do you have a personal belief that successful digital marketing is all about building networking, constantly improving digital skills + tools, and adopting hybrid teamwork?

4.Close Them With Added Value; putting all the skills and qualifications aside, do you have a special offer for the company? Here’s an example. You’re gunning for the position of a sales rep. You have some Fortune 500 companies in your network from your previous jobs. You can connect the company to these people. So, go ahead, tell them you’ve got an offer for them too.

Trust me, putting out your answer this way has a high probability of getting you that job. Nevertheless, below are some working examples. Otherwise, if you are still job-hunting, read this guide on hiring a recruiter to find you a job.


A Sample; Why We Should Hire You Answer For Fresher And Experienced Job Seekers

So, here, why should we hire you answer example for a fresher…

Example 1; according to the description on the company’s website career page, you needed a self-starter with great communication skills and an ability to keep up with trends for the social media manager position. (Here you have mentioned the 2 key qualifications as seen on the job description).

Back in college, I increased the school’s popularity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Quora by 200%, 250%, and 300% respectively, in 2 years. By self-learning how to use tools like Adspy, hashtag generator, and Hemingway App, I was able to discover college trends, spy on winning outreaches, craft powerful campaigns at the readability level of each target audience, and drive more follows and interactions to our page. (Here you have shown that you have those qualifications by using a realistic example).

I believe that successful social media management understands its dynamic audience, is always at the forefront of new trends, is an expert relationship builder, and is a fast learner. I have all of these qualities and also have 2 months subscription to powerful social media tools like Facebook Adspy and Ahrefs keyword researcher that can be useful to the company. (Here you have told your philosophy and given the company an offer to use your Facebook Adspy and Ahrefs subscription for 2 months).

Easy, right?

Caution! Mistakes To Avoid In Your “Why Should We Hire You Answer”

In your “why should we hire you answer”, below are the possible pitfalls and potential red flags to avoid. Also, see this article on the 8 selection process in recruitment.

  1. Avoid Giving Generic Answers; almost every other candidate will give answers like “I want this job”, “I am the right person for the job”, and “I deserve this position”. Now, you want to stand out by showing instead of making claims.
  2. Avoid Talking Too Much; as I have hinted on this previously, there are other 100 candidates, so make your answer as straight to the point as possible.
  3. Strike A Balance Between Humility And Confidence; of course, every employer wants an employee who’s confident of their potentials and is emotionally intelligent. Nevertheless, in your “why we should hire you answer” remember there’s a silver line between confidence and cockiness.

In Conclusion

So far, on this page, I have shown you a proven template to creating a job-winning answer for the interview question “why should we hire you”. I have also equipped you with a why should we hire you answer example that has proved to work. In addition, I highlighted the 3 possible pitfalls to avoid in your answer. As a plus, here’s a similar post about how to answer the question; why would you be a good candidate for this position.