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PMI-SP Exam Questions PDF

This PMI-SP exam questions will help you in your preparation for the PMI-SP certification exam. It covers all the exam questions.

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Once the project’s WBS has been created what process may happen next?

A. Estimate activity resources B. Define activities
C. Estimate activity durations D. Sequence activities

Answer: B
The define activities process is the process that may begin once the project’s WBS has been completed and approved. It is possible, in some projects, to complete the WBS and the activity list at the same time.
Answer option D is incorrect. Sequencing the activities cannot happen until the activity list has been created.
Answer option A is incorrect. Estimating activity resources is dependent on the activity list, so this choice is not valid.
Answer option C is incorrect. Estimate activity durations are dependent on the activity list, so this choice is not valid.


Which of the following scheduling techniques identifies the successor activities and the predecessor activities to assist the project manager in sequencing the project work?

A. Precedence Diagramming Method B. Schedule network template
C. Dependency determination
D. Activity on the Node

Answer: A
The Precedence Diagramming Method uses both predecessors and successors as nodes in the project network diagram. The PDM approach is the most common network diagram approach used.
Answer option C is incorrect. Dependency determination identifies the order of the project work. Answer option B is incorrect. A schedule network template is a tool that uses a previous project.

PMI-SP Exam Questions PDF

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