DCMA14 Point Assessment Schedule Check

DCMA14 Point Assessment Schedule Check

DCMA 14 Point Assessment

While evaluating the schedule quality, during both planning & monitoring & controlling, it is important to make assessments from a qualitative and a quantitative perspective. A quantitative assessment of schedule quality is based on measurable criteria rooted in industry-defined scheduling best practices. To that end, the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) developed a set of health checks and guidelines collectively known as the DCMA 14-Point Assessment. These aren’t necessarily hard & fast rules, but more indicators of potential problem areas where a deeper schedule analysis may be necessary. Here, we will examine each of the 14 points and why they are critical for a healthy project schedule. Download the full DCMA 14 Point Assessment with an explanation for each point.

DCMA 14-Point Assessment Guidelines




4-Relationship Types

5-Hard Constraints

6-High Float

7-Negative Float

8-High Duration

9-Invalid Dates


11-Missed Tasks

12-Critical Path Test

13-Critical Path Length Index (CPLI)

14-Baseline Execution Index (BEI)

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