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How to answer; “What makes you Unique”

How to answer; “What makes you Unique”

When you apply for a job, many of your abilities and personality qualities are likely to overlap with those of other candidates who have applied for the same position. At the same time, you have a set of experiences and abilities that no one else has. Employers may ask the classic interview question, “What makes you unique?” to determine what sets you apart from other professionals in your area.

Make the most of this occasion to elaborate on important qualities that make you the greatest candidate for the job. You can assist the company in recognizing the valuable assets you’ll offer to their firm by drafting an honest, detailed response. Here are some pointers and examples to assist you to figure out how to respond to the question of what makes you distinctive.

Why do interviewers ask, “What makes you unique?”

This question is frequently asked by employers to determine what abilities or attributes make you a better fit for the job than other candidates they may be interviewing. In other words, why should they hire you above dozens of other experts with essentially equal skill sets who have also applied for the position?

Employers also want to know what you value in yourself; therefore they ask the question “What makes you unique?” The qualities you stress in your response may be crucial weaknesses you’re constantly working to better. The employer is looking for special talents or soft skills that you may not have listed on your resume or application but that will help you succeed in the job.  

If asked what you are looking for in a position, here are the likely answers to give.

Tips to prepare you for the Question “What makes you unique?”

It can be difficult to think about your answer concerning the other applicants because you don’t know them and also explaining what makes you unique in one word, but you can explain to your interviewer what makes you unique in your profession, rather than focusing on a feature that sets you apart from other candidates, consider how hiring you might help the company.

Employers will understand why your features and qualifications make you well equipped if you explain why your past makes you a good fit.

Here are four things you can take to assist you in identifying your most significant and distinct characteristics:

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1.     Consider what the employer may find valuable

Employers are looking for applicants who can bring a unique viewpoint, skill set, or talent to assist them to achieve their business objectives. Take the time to read the job description thoroughly and seek information on particular objectives that the employer is expecting the new employee will achieve, then identify the skills you have that match these requirements.

For example, if you’re applying for a team management role and the job description emphasizes the company’s desire to improve cross-departmental communication, you may stress your ability to bring people together around a similar objective and inspire teamwork.

2.     Look to your background and previous experiences

Consider moments when you were successful in past jobs or when your employer commended or rewarded you. What did you do to get noticed? What characteristics, skills, or abilities contributed to your success? Whatever you accomplished, other companies would probably value a new hire as well. All these and more answers the “what makes you unique?” question.

A very good salesperson, for example, may have experience dealing with disgruntled customers or reclaiming lost accounts. Their particular expertise in this scenario may be their capacity to detect when someone is upset and swiftly develop a strategy to dilute and resolve their issues.

3.     Acknowledge your most popular personality traits

Consider prior employees’ abilities and qualities that your friends and family have praised. Then think about how you can use these characteristics of your personality to help you succeed at work.

Let’s say you’ve been recognized for your patience and dedication by others. In this case, you could talk about how your patience and perseverance have helped you stay calm and collected in high-stress situations, or how you’re determined to achieve your goals despite external pressures or failures.

  • Remember, you don’t have to be one-of-a-kind to be successful.

Don’t be intimidated or perplexed by the word “unique.” Employers want interesting skills, but they don’t expect you to share anything that’s unlike any other response they’ve ever heard—especially if it’s unrelated to the job.

If you’re applying for a customer service career, for example, the company is unlikely to be interested in your unusual trapeze skills. Fluency in many languages, on the other hand, may not be unusual, but it is a valued skill that can set a customer service prospect apart from the competition.

Here are likely things expected of you to say if asked what you can bring to our company.

What Makes You Unique Sample Answers

Here are some what makes you unique in 150 characters answer for you to get informed:

  • “I am one-of-a-kind because of my inherent ability to organize properly.” I devised a plan to organize the office supply cupboard by category in my prior position as an administrative assistant. We placed fewer orders and saved 30% on office supplies year over year since goods were easier to find.”
  • “My capacity to sympathize with and relate to people is what distinguishes me.” In my former position as an account executive in charge of prospecting new accounts, this talent came in handy. I was able to establish trust and build connections because I was able to rapidly identify and understand their pain spots and difficulties, both of which motivated me to constantly surpass my quota.”
  • “My four years of retail experience distinguishes me.” I understand what customers want since I’ve dealt with their inquiries, feedback, and complaints firsthand. I understand how to use marketing to produce a pleasant consumer experience.”


Everyone has something unique that makes them an excellent job applicant. You can be prepared to communicate why you’re a fantastic fit for the position by recognizing your unique qualities and writing your talking points before your interview.