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How to Craft the Perfect LinkedIn Job Profile

How to Craft the Perfect LinkedIn Job Profile

With over 756 million members worldwide, LinkedIn has become the biggest platform for professional networking. Aside from career development and building professional relations, it is also a space for job seekers to discover opportunities, and for recruiters to find potential candidates. Through LinkedIn, employers can virtually find viable candidates. Its users already have their resumes laid out, and all recruiters need to do is read through them.

If you’re new or are looking to improve your profile, here are some tips that may land you a job offer or get a response on your job inquiry.

Customize your headline

Your headline is the first thing recruiters see when they’re scouting for candidates on LinkedIn. It contains your job title, which is what you want, but needs to be added upon. You need to list your career focus and the components of your work.

Use standard titles that are found on job search sites, such as “HR Manager,” and “Business Analyst,” in order for your profile to be easily discovered by employers. Your internal job title within the company may be different from what it’s commonly referred to. For example, you may be a Book Cover Designer, but for your job title, it’s best to put Graphic Designer since it’s the more searched position. Keep in mind that your headline must be straightforward and within 120 characters.

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Create a strong profile summary

Your profile summary allows you to describe yourself and provide a deeper insight into who you are, in addition to your credentials. Career experts at Harvard mention how this is one of the first things people see once they visit your page. It’s crucial to have a summary that will hook recruiters and make them want to stay and look through the rest of your profile.

To get you started, write a simple description of what motivates you with your work. If you’re a researcher in the medical field, for instance, you can mention projects you worked on. You can also write down your achievements and business ventures if you have any. The important thing is to make sure you include concrete evidence of your vision and skills.

Be active

The profile summary is the hook. However, recruiters will want to know more about you, as a person, to ensure that you’re a good fit for their company. Given that LinkedIn is primarily a social media platform, they will check your posts. Upload your accomplishments; share industry news and insights. In fact, a post on building your online brand by LHH highlights how employers are more likely to hire you if you have an active social media presence. Just make sure that you haven’t posted nor shared anything weird or unprofessional on LinkedIn. If there are instances where you’ve said something dated or embarrassing, delete them.

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Build your network

One of LinkedIn’s features includes connecting with other people. The more connections you have, the more trustworthy and reliable you’ll look to others. Forbes advises having connections with 300-500 individuals to have a good network. Moreover, the larger your network becomes, the more likely you can meet potential employers. Recruiters may also visit certain professional groups and look for prospects, so join ones that are related to the industry you belong to.

LinkedIn is a free platform that can help search for amazing opportunities, even if you’re not actively looking for one. By following these tips, you increase the likelihood of getting into your dream company or landing your dream job.

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