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Top 10 Reasons Why Good Employees Quit

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There are many companies that the turnover of the employees is very high and we have also many companies that they know how to retain the employees for a long time in their companies.

Everything happens on the companies depends on the leaders and the managers how they act and deal with the employees so let’s see together how these companies deal with the employees. In this article, you will read about the top reasons why good employees quit.

Top reasons why employees quit

1-Lack of trust and autonomy

What does it mean? It is very important that the employees feel they have the ability to act on their own values and interest. If any company wants to keep the employees, it begins and ends with trust because the leaders that don’t trust employees make misunderstanding and bad management that leads to quitting.

2-Don’t feel appreciated by the manager

A lot of managers over 20 years experience in many companies usually say that if the employees didn’t feel appreciated from leaders or managers, they take salaries less than they deserve or they work too much comparing by their salaries, in this case, many employees prefer to quit by going to place where they feel appreciated.

3-Poor opportunity to grow or advancement

This point is very important if you apply for a job you are looking for a place where you can grow and improved by being experienced, willing to get a better title, gain promotions in your positions, in fact, many things you are looking for. If you can’t get promoted in your company and you have been waiting for a long time so you quit

4-Lack of respect

If the employees don’t feel respect from the leaders, managers, co-workers, they don’t get treated very well in the company so they prefer to quit.

5-Bad manager

The employees can take the decision to leave because of the frustration of managers. And to work with bad managers is the most familiar reasons that employees quit because of them. We have an example of one employee who was working before with a bad supervisor and this supervisor was one of the reasons that all the team quit and it was consists of 10 people.

6Poor management

If the leader or the manager can’t deal with the employees very well and motivate them all the time or give advice to them, helping then when they want, listen to their complaint, and if the leader can’t challenge their employees so they will quit when a better chance comes.

7-Poor communication

If any employee leaves the company without saying anything, this also a failure of the leaders and poor communication, the manager must have good communication with the employees that they can read them and get an early warning that there is something wrong, the employee suffering from something.

8-Lack of support

When you work in any company you need support all the time to continue, support from your manager, your coworkers. If you don’t feel that someone supporting you and pushing you more, you will quit.

9Worklife balance

For example, there is a recruiter who works for 20 years as a human resources manager said that we asked the candidates why they want to leave their jobs. One of the most familiar reasons is work-life balance. So this point is very important for the employees, so the recruiter asked the candidates before hiring them if they can work 50 hours or 40 and many of the candidates prefer the life balance.

10Unhealthy work environment

Many employees said they left their job because they need a more positive environment.

A negative environment in the workplace is a very familiar reason for employees to quit. The employees leave when something about the working environment is off many good candidates or employees can deal with any situations that happened in the company but their co-workers maybe can’t deal with the negative environment in the company so they quit.

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